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package exported

import ""


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type Evidence Uses

type Evidence interface {
    Route() string
    Type() string
    String() string
    Hash() tmbytes.HexBytes
    ValidateBasic() error

    // Height at which the infraction occurred
    GetHeight() int64

Evidence defines the contract which concrete evidence types of misbehavior must implement.

type MsgSubmitEvidence Uses

type MsgSubmitEvidence interface {

    GetEvidence() Evidence
    GetSubmitter() sdk.AccAddress

MsgSubmitEvidence defines the specific interface a concrete message must implement in order to process submitted evidence. The concrete MsgSubmitEvidence must be defined at the application-level.

type ValidatorEvidence Uses

type ValidatorEvidence interface {

    // The consensus address of the malicious validator at time of infraction
    GetConsensusAddress() sdk.ConsAddress

    // The total power of the malicious validator at time of infraction
    GetValidatorPower() int64

    // The total validator set power at time of infraction
    GetTotalPower() int64

ValidatorEvidence extends Evidence interface to define contract for evidence against malicious validators

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