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package exported

import ""


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type Path Uses

type Path interface {
    String() string
    Empty() bool

Path implements spec:CommitmentPath. A path is the additional information provided to the verification function.

type Prefix Uses

type Prefix interface {
    Bytes() []byte
    Empty() bool

Prefix implements spec:CommitmentPrefix. Prefix represents the common "prefix" that a set of keys shares.

type Proof Uses

type Proof interface {
    VerifyMembership([]*ics23.ProofSpec, Root, Path, []byte) error
    VerifyNonMembership([]*ics23.ProofSpec, Root, Path) error
    Empty() bool

    ValidateBasic() error

Proof implements spec:CommitmentProof. Proof can prove whether the key-value pair is a part of the Root or not. Each proof has designated key-value pair it is able to prove. Proofs includes key but value is provided dynamically at the verification time.

type Root Uses

type Root interface {
    GetHash() []byte
    Empty() bool

Root implements spec:CommitmentRoot. A root is constructed from a set of key-value pairs, and the inclusion or non-inclusion of an arbitrary key-value pair can be proven with the proof.

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