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package types

import ""


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codec.go genesis.go genesis.pb.go query.go


var (
    ErrInvalidLengthGenesis        = fmt.Errorf("proto: negative length found during unmarshaling")
    ErrIntOverflowGenesis          = fmt.Errorf("proto: integer overflow")
    ErrUnexpectedEndOfGroupGenesis = fmt.Errorf("proto: unexpected end of group")

func RegisterCodec Uses

func RegisterCodec(cdc *codec.LegacyAmino)

RegisterCodec registers the necessary x/ibc interfaces and concrete types on the provided Amino codec. These types are used for Amino JSON serialization.

func RegisterInterfaces Uses

func RegisterInterfaces(registry codectypes.InterfaceRegistry)

RegisterInterfaces registers x/ibc interfaces into protobuf Any.

func RegisterQueryService Uses

func RegisterQueryService(server grpc.Server, queryService QueryServer)

RegisterQueryService registers each individual IBC submodule query service

type GenesisState Uses

type GenesisState struct {
    // ICS002 - Clients genesis state
    ClientGenesis types.GenesisState `protobuf:"bytes,1,opt,name=client_genesis,json=clientGenesis,proto3" json:"client_genesis" yaml:"client_genesis"`
    // ICS003 - Connections genesis state
    ConnectionGenesis types1.GenesisState `protobuf:"bytes,2,opt,name=connection_genesis,json=connectionGenesis,proto3" json:"connection_genesis" yaml:"connection_genesis"`
    // ICS004 - Channel genesis state
    ChannelGenesis types2.GenesisState `protobuf:"bytes,3,opt,name=channel_genesis,json=channelGenesis,proto3" json:"channel_genesis" yaml:"channel_genesis"`

GenesisState defines the ibc module's genesis state.

func DefaultGenesisState Uses

func DefaultGenesisState() *GenesisState

DefaultGenesisState returns the ibc module's default genesis state.

func (*GenesisState) Descriptor Uses

func (*GenesisState) Descriptor() ([]byte, []int)

func (*GenesisState) GetChannelGenesis Uses

func (m *GenesisState) GetChannelGenesis() types2.GenesisState

func (*GenesisState) GetClientGenesis Uses

func (m *GenesisState) GetClientGenesis() types.GenesisState

func (*GenesisState) GetConnectionGenesis Uses

func (m *GenesisState) GetConnectionGenesis() types1.GenesisState

func (*GenesisState) Marshal Uses

func (m *GenesisState) Marshal() (dAtA []byte, err error)

func (*GenesisState) MarshalTo Uses

func (m *GenesisState) MarshalTo(dAtA []byte) (int, error)

func (*GenesisState) MarshalToSizedBuffer Uses

func (m *GenesisState) MarshalToSizedBuffer(dAtA []byte) (int, error)

func (*GenesisState) ProtoMessage Uses

func (*GenesisState) ProtoMessage()

func (*GenesisState) Reset Uses

func (m *GenesisState) Reset()

func (*GenesisState) Size Uses

func (m *GenesisState) Size() (n int)

func (*GenesisState) String Uses

func (m *GenesisState) String() string

func (*GenesisState) Unmarshal Uses

func (m *GenesisState) Unmarshal(dAtA []byte) error

func (GenesisState) UnpackInterfaces Uses

func (gs GenesisState) UnpackInterfaces(unpacker codectypes.AnyUnpacker) error

UnpackInterfaces implements UnpackInterfacesMessage.UnpackInterfaces

func (*GenesisState) Validate Uses

func (gs *GenesisState) Validate() error

Validate performs basic genesis state validation returning an error upon any failure.

func (*GenesisState) XXX_DiscardUnknown Uses

func (m *GenesisState) XXX_DiscardUnknown()

func (*GenesisState) XXX_Marshal Uses

func (m *GenesisState) XXX_Marshal(b []byte, deterministic bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*GenesisState) XXX_Merge Uses

func (m *GenesisState) XXX_Merge(src proto.Message)

func (*GenesisState) XXX_Size Uses

func (m *GenesisState) XXX_Size() int

func (*GenesisState) XXX_Unmarshal Uses

func (m *GenesisState) XXX_Unmarshal(b []byte) error

type QueryServer Uses

type QueryServer interface {

QueryServer defines the IBC interfaces that the gRPC query server must implement

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