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The full goiardi documentation has been moved out of this file because it was getting too big to be easily manageable. It now uses sphinx to manage and format the documentation, which can be found under the `docs/` directory. To learn about sphinx-doc, see http://sphinx-doc.org/. The documentation can also be found online at http://goiardi.readthedocs.io/en/latest/. The godocs for goiardi are now focused on development and internals.

Package Files

authenticate_users.go clients.go common.go cookbooks.go data.go doc.go environments.go events.go export.go file_store.go goiardi.go head.go import.go lists.go nodes.go principals.go reports.go roles.go sandboxes.go search.go shovey.go status.go universe.go users.go


actorPackage actor implements actors, which is an interface encompassing both clients or users.
authenticationPackage authentication contains functions used to authenticate requests from the signed headers.
chefcryptoPackage chefcrypto bundles up crytographic routines for goairdi.
clientPackage client defines the Chef clients.
configPackage config parses command line flags and config files, and defines options used elsewhere in goiardi.
cookbookPackage cookbook handles the basic building block of any chef (or goiardi) run, the humble cookbook.
databagPackage databag provides a convenient way to store arbitrary data on the server.
datastorePackage datastore provides data store functionality.
depgraphThe depgraph package is used to create and model a dependency graph of nouns.
environmentPackage environment provides...
filestorePackage filestore provides local file uploads and downloads for cookbook uploading and downloading.
gerrorPackage gerror defines a custom error type with a HTTP status code for goiardi.
indexerPackage indexer indexes objects that implement the Indexable interface.
loginfoPackage loginfo tracks changes to objects when they're saved, noting the actor performing the action, what kind of action it was, the time of the change, the type of object and its id, and a dump of the object's state.
nodePackage node implements nodes.
reportPackage report implements reporting on client runs and node changes.
reqctxPackage reqctx contains some types, variables, and functions for request contexts.
rolePackage role provides roles, which are a way to share common attributes and run lists between different nodes.
sandboxPackage sandbox allows checking files before re-uploading them, so any given version of a file need only be uploaded once rather than being uploaded repeatedly.
searchPackage search provides search and index capabilities for goiardi.
secretPackage secret contains functions for handling secrets, like public/private keys stored outside of goiardi.
serfinPackage serfin bundles up serf functions for goiardi.
shoveyPackage shovey provides a means for pushing jobs out to nodes to be run independently of a chef-client run.
userPackage user is the result of users and clients ended up having to be split apart after all, once adding the SQL backing started falling into place.
utilPackage util contains various utility functions that are useful across all of goiardi.

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