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package proj

import ""


Package Files

DatumDef.go EllipsoidDef.go PrimeMeridian.go Proj.go adjust_axis.go aea.go common.go datum.go datum_transform.go defs.go deriveConstants.go eqdc.go global.go krovak.go lcc.go longlat.go merc.go parseCode.go projString.go tmerc.go transform.go units.go utm.go wkt.go

type SR Uses

type SR struct {
    Name, Title                string
    SRSCode                    string
    DatumCode                  string
    Rf                         float64
    Lat0, Lat1, Lat2, LatTS    float64
    Long0, Long1, Long2, LongC float64
    Alpha                      float64
    X0, Y0, K0, K              float64
    A, A2, B, B2               float64
    Ra                         bool
    Zone                       float64
    UTMSouth                   bool
    DatumParams                []float64
    ToMeter                    float64
    Units                      string
    FromGreenwich              float64
    NADGrids                   string
    Axis                       string

    Ellps       string
    EllipseName string
    Es          float64
    E           float64
    Ep2         float64
    DatumName   string
    NoDefs      bool

    Czech bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SR holds information about a spatial reference (projection).

func NewSR Uses

func NewSR() *SR

NewSR initializes a SR object and sets fields to default values.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(code string) (*SR, error)

Parse parses a WKT- or PROJ4-formatted projection string into a Proj object.

func (*SR) DeriveConstants Uses

func (json *SR) DeriveConstants()

DeriveConstants calculates some properties of the spatial reference based on other properties

func (*SR) Equal Uses

func (sr *SR) Equal(sr2 *SR, ulp uint) bool

Equal determines whether spatial references sr and sr2 are equal to within ulp floating point units in the last place.

func (*SR) NewTransform Uses

func (source *SR) NewTransform(dest *SR) (Transformer, error)

NewTransform creates a function that transforms a point from sr to the destination spatial reference.

func (*SR) Transformers Uses

func (sr *SR) Transformers() (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

Transformers returns forward and inverse transformation functions for this projection.

type Transformer Uses

type Transformer func(X, Y float64) (x, y float64, err error)

A Transformer takes input coordinates and returns output coordinates and an error.

func AEA Uses

func AEA(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

AEA is an Albers Conical Equal Area projection.

func EqdC Uses

func EqdC(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

EqdC is an Equidistant Conic projection.

func Krovak Uses

func Krovak(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

Krovak is a Krovak projection.

func LCC Uses

func LCC(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

LCC is a Lambert Conformal Conic projection.

func LongLat Uses

func LongLat(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

LongLat is a longitude-latitude (i.e., no projection) projection.

func Merc Uses

func Merc(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

Merc is a mercator projection.

func TMerc Uses

func TMerc(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

TMerc is a transverse Mercator projection.

func UTM Uses

func UTM(this *SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

UTM is a universal transverse Mercator projection.

type TransformerFunc Uses

type TransformerFunc func(*SR) (forward, inverse Transformer, err error)

A TransformerFunc creates forward and inverse Transformers from a projection.

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