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package configs

import "github.com/daviddengcn/gcse/configs"

Package configs define and load all configurations. It depends on no othe GCSE packages.


Package Files



const (
    FnPackage = "package"
    FnPerson  = "person"
    // key: RawString, value: DocInfo
    FnDocs    = "docs"
    FnNewDocs = "newdocs"

    FnStore = "store"


var (
    ServerAddr = ":8080"
    ServerRoot = villa.Path("./service/web")

    LoadTemplatePass = ""
    AutoLoadTemplate = false

    DataRoot = villa.Path("./data/")

    // producer: server, consumer: crawler
    ImportPath villa.Path

    // producer: crawler, consumer: indexer
    DBOutPath villa.Path

    // configures of crawler
    CrawlByGodocApi           = true
    CrawlGithubUpdate         = true
    CrawlerDuePerRun          = 1 * time.Hour
    CrawlerGithubClientID     = ""
    CrawlerGithubClientSecret = ""
    CrawlerGithubPersonal     = ""

    BiWebPath = "/bi"

    NonCrawlHosts          = stringsp.Set{}
    NonStorePackageRegexps = []string{}

    StoreDAddr = ":8081"

    LogDir = "/tmp"

func CrawlerDBFsPath Uses

func CrawlerDBFsPath() sophie.FsPath

func CrawlerDBPath Uses

func CrawlerDBPath() villa.Path

func DBOutSegments Uses

func DBOutSegments() utils.Segments

func DataRootFsPath Uses

func DataRootFsPath() sophie.FsPath

func DocsDBFsPath Uses

func DocsDBFsPath() sophie.FsPath

func DocsDBPath Uses

func DocsDBPath() string

func FileCacheBoltPath Uses

func FileCacheBoltPath() string

func ImportSegments Uses

func ImportSegments() utils.Segments

Returns the segments imported from web site.

func IndexPath Uses

func IndexPath() villa.Path

func IndexSegments Uses

func IndexSegments() utils.Segments

func SetTestingDataPath Uses

func SetTestingDataPath()

func StoreBoltPath Uses

func StoreBoltPath() string

func ToCrawlFsPath Uses

func ToCrawlFsPath() sophie.FsPath

func ToCrawlPath Uses

func ToCrawlPath() string

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