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package v3

import ""


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const (
    // ServerPath is the HTTP path of the v3 server resource.
    ServerPath = "/xml/v3/server"
    // StatusPath is the HTTP path of the v3 status resource.
    StatusPath = "/xml/v3/status"
    // TasksPath is the HTTP path of the v3 tasks resource.
    TasksPath = "/xml/v3/tasks"

type Client Uses

type Client struct {

Client implements bind.Client and can be used to query a BIND v3 API.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(url string, c *http.Client) *Client

NewClient returns an initialized Client.

func (*Client) Stats Uses

func (c *Client) Stats(groups ...bind.StatisticGroup) (bind.Statistics, error)

Stats implements bind.Stats.

type Counter Uses

type Counter struct {
    Name    string `xml:"name"`
    Counter int    `xml:"counter"`

type Counters Uses

type Counters struct {
    Type     string         `xml:"type,attr"`
    Counters []bind.Counter `xml:"counter"`

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    BootTime   time.Time  `xml:"boot-time"`
    ConfigTime time.Time  `xml:"config-time"`
    Counters   []Counters `xml:"counters"`

type Statistics Uses

type Statistics struct {
    Memory    struct{}         `xml:"memory"`
    Server    Server           `xml:"server"`
    Socketmgr struct{}         `xml:"socketmgr"`
    Taskmgr   bind.TaskManager `xml:"taskmgr"`
    Views     []View           `xml:"views>view"`

type View Uses

type View struct {
    Name     string       `xml:"name,attr"`
    Cache    []bind.Gauge `xml:"cache>rrset"`
    Counters []Counters   `xml:"counters"`
    Zones    struct{}     `xml:"zones>zone"`

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