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package v4

import ""

Intercept s3 requests for the UnikHub

Package v4 implements signing for AWS V4 signer


Package Files

header_rules.go unik.go v4.go

func Sign Uses

func Sign(req *request.Request)

Sign requests with signature version 4.

Will sign the requests with the service config's Credentials object Signing is skipped if the credentials is the credentials.AnonymousCredentials object.

type AWSCredentials Uses

type AWSCredentials struct {
    AccessKeyID string `json:"access_key_id"`
    Region      string `json:"region"`
    Signature   []byte `json:"signature"`

type RequestToSign Uses

type RequestToSign struct {
    FormattedShortTime string `json:"formatted_short_time"`
    ServiceName        string `json:"service_name"`
    StringToSign       string `json:"string_to_sign"`

type RequestToValidate Uses

type RequestToValidate struct {
    Method string      `json:"method"`
    Path   string      `json:"path"`
    Query  url.Values  `json:"query"`
    Header http.Header `json:"headers"`

type ValidationResponse Uses

type ValidationResponse struct {
    Message     string `json:"message"`
    AccessKeyID string `json:"access_key_id"`
    Region      string `json:"region"`
    Bucket      string `json:"bucket"`

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