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package build

import ""


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backend.go tag.go

type Backend Uses

type Backend struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Backend provides build functionality to the API router

func NewBackend Uses

func NewBackend(components ImageComponent, builder Builder, buildkit *buildkit.Builder, es *daemonevents.Events) (*Backend, error)

NewBackend creates a new build backend from components

func (*Backend) Build Uses

func (b *Backend) Build(ctx context.Context, config backend.BuildConfig) (string, error)

Build builds an image from a Source

func (*Backend) Cancel Uses

func (b *Backend) Cancel(ctx context.Context, id string) error

Cancel cancels the build by ID

func (*Backend) PruneCache Uses

func (b *Backend) PruneCache(ctx context.Context, opts types.BuildCachePruneOptions) (*types.BuildCachePruneReport, error)

PruneCache removes all cached build sources

func (*Backend) RegisterGRPC Uses

func (b *Backend) RegisterGRPC(s *grpc.Server)

RegisterGRPC registers buildkit controller to the grpc server.

type Builder Uses

type Builder interface {
    Build(context.Context, backend.BuildConfig) (*builder.Result, error)

Builder defines interface for running a build

type ImageComponent Uses

type ImageComponent interface {
    SquashImage(from string, to string) (string, error)
    TagImageWithReference(image.ID, reference.Named) error

ImageComponent provides an interface for working with images

type Tagger Uses

type Tagger struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Tagger is responsible for tagging an image created by a builder

func NewTagger Uses

func NewTagger(backend ImageComponent, stdout io.Writer, names []string) (*Tagger, error)

NewTagger returns a new Tagger for tagging the images of a build. If any of the names are invalid tags an error is returned.

func (*Tagger) TagImages Uses

func (bt *Tagger) TagImages(imageID image.ID) error

TagImages creates image tags for the imageID

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