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package volume

import ""


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volumes_create.go volumes_list.go

type VolumesCreateBody Uses

type VolumesCreateBody struct {

    // Name of the volume driver to use.
    // Required: true
    Driver string `json:"Driver"`

    // A mapping of driver options and values. These options are passed directly to the driver and are driver specific.
    // Required: true
    DriverOpts map[string]string `json:"DriverOpts"`

    // User-defined key/value metadata.
    // Required: true
    Labels map[string]string `json:"Labels"`

    // The new volume's name. If not specified, Docker generates a name.
    // Required: true
    Name string `json:"Name"`

VolumesCreateBody volumes create body swagger:model VolumesCreateBody

type VolumesListOKBody Uses

type VolumesListOKBody struct {

    // List of volumes
    // Required: true
    Volumes []*types.Volume `json:"Volumes"`

    // Warnings that occurred when fetching the list of volumes
    // Required: true
    Warnings []string `json:"Warnings"`

VolumesListOKBody volumes list o k body swagger:model VolumesListOKBody

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