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package awslogs

import ""

Package awslogs provides the logdriver for forwarding container logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs


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func New Uses

func New(info logger.Info) (logger.Logger, error)

New creates an awslogs logger using the configuration passed in on the context. Supported context configuration variables are awslogs-region, awslogs-endpoint, awslogs-group, awslogs-stream, awslogs-create-group, awslogs-multiline-pattern and awslogs-datetime-format. When available, configuration is also taken from environment variables AWS_REGION, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, the shared credentials file (~/.aws/credentials), and the EC2 Instance Metadata Service.

func ValidateLogOpt Uses

func ValidateLogOpt(cfg map[string]string) error

ValidateLogOpt looks for awslogs-specific log options awslogs-region, awslogs-endpoint awslogs-group, awslogs-stream, awslogs-create-group, awslogs-datetime-format, awslogs-multiline-pattern

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