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package network

import ""


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func CheckKernelMajorVersionGreaterOrEqualThen Uses

func CheckKernelMajorVersionGreaterOrEqualThen(kernelVersion int, majorVersion int) bool

CheckKernelMajorVersionGreaterOrEqualThen returns whether the kernel version is greater or equal than the one provided

func CreateMasterDummy Uses

func CreateMasterDummy(t *testing.T, master string)

CreateMasterDummy creates a dummy network interface

func CreateVlanInterface Uses

func CreateVlanInterface(t *testing.T, master, slave, id string)

CreateVlanInterface creates a vlan network interface

func DeleteInterface Uses

func DeleteInterface(t *testing.T, ifName string)

DeleteInterface deletes a network interface

func IsNetworkAvailable Uses

func IsNetworkAvailable(c client.NetworkAPIClient, name string) cmp.Comparison

IsNetworkAvailable provides a comparison to check if a docker network is available

func IsNetworkNotAvailable Uses

func IsNetworkNotAvailable(c client.NetworkAPIClient, name string) cmp.Comparison

IsNetworkNotAvailable provides a comparison to check if a docker network is not available

func IsUserNamespace Uses

func IsUserNamespace() bool

IsUserNamespace returns whether the user namespace remapping is enabled

func LinkExists Uses

func LinkExists(t *testing.T, master string)

LinkExists verifies that a link exists

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