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package supervisor

import ""


Package Files

remote_daemon.go remote_daemon_linux.go remote_daemon_options.go remote_daemon_options_linux.go utils_linux.go

type Daemon Uses

type Daemon interface {
    WaitTimeout(time.Duration) error
    Address() string

Daemon represents a running containerd daemon

func Start Uses

func Start(ctx context.Context, rootDir, stateDir string, opts ...DaemonOpt) (Daemon, error)

Start starts a containerd daemon and monitors it

type DaemonOpt Uses

type DaemonOpt func(c *remote) error

DaemonOpt allows to configure parameters of container daemons

func WithDebugAddress Uses

func WithDebugAddress(addr string) DaemonOpt

WithDebugAddress defines at which location the debug GRPC connection should be made

func WithLogLevel Uses

func WithLogLevel(lvl string) DaemonOpt

WithLogLevel defines which log level to starts containerd with. This only makes sense if WithStartDaemon() was set to true.

func WithMetricsAddress Uses

func WithMetricsAddress(addr string) DaemonOpt

WithMetricsAddress defines at which location the debug GRPC connection should be made

func WithOOMScore Uses

func WithOOMScore(score int) DaemonOpt

WithOOMScore defines the oom_score_adj to set for the containerd process.

func WithPlugin Uses

func WithPlugin(name string, conf interface{}) DaemonOpt

WithPlugin allow configuring a containerd plugin configuration values passed needs to be quoted if quotes are needed in the toml format.

func WithRemoteAddr Uses

func WithRemoteAddr(addr string) DaemonOpt

WithRemoteAddr sets the external containerd socket to connect to.

func WithRemoteAddrUser Uses

func WithRemoteAddrUser(uid, gid int) DaemonOpt

WithRemoteAddrUser sets the uid and gid to create the RPC address with

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