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package oci

import ""


Package Files

defaults.go devices_linux.go namespaces.go oci.go

func AppendDevicePermissionsFromCgroupRules Uses

func AppendDevicePermissionsFromCgroupRules(devPermissions []specs.LinuxDeviceCgroup, rules []string) ([]specs.LinuxDeviceCgroup, error)

AppendDevicePermissionsFromCgroupRules takes rules for the devices cgroup to append to the default set

func DefaultLinuxSpec Uses

func DefaultLinuxSpec() specs.Spec

DefaultLinuxSpec create a default spec for running Linux containers

func DefaultOSSpec Uses

func DefaultOSSpec(osName string) specs.Spec

DefaultOSSpec returns the spec for a given OS

func DefaultSpec Uses

func DefaultSpec() specs.Spec

DefaultSpec returns the default spec used by docker for the current Platform

func DefaultWindowsSpec Uses

func DefaultWindowsSpec() specs.Spec

DefaultWindowsSpec create a default spec for running Windows containers

func Device Uses

func Device(d *configs.Device) specs.LinuxDevice

Device transforms a libcontainer configs.Device to a specs.LinuxDevice object.

func DevicesFromPath Uses

func DevicesFromPath(pathOnHost, pathInContainer, cgroupPermissions string) (devs []specs.LinuxDevice, devPermissions []specs.LinuxDeviceCgroup, err error)

DevicesFromPath computes a list of devices and device permissions from paths (pathOnHost and pathInContainer) and cgroup permissions.

func RemoveNamespace Uses

func RemoveNamespace(s *specs.Spec, nsType specs.LinuxNamespaceType)

RemoveNamespace removes the `nsType` namespace from OCI spec `s`

func SetCapabilities Uses

func SetCapabilities(s *specs.Spec, caplist []string) error

SetCapabilities sets the provided capabilities on the spec All capabilities are added if privileged is true



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