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package opts

import ""


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func WithGetResolveStatus Uses

func WithGetResolveStatus(cfg *GetConfig)

WithGetResolveStatus indicates to `Get` to also fetch the volume status. This can cause significant overhead in the volume lookup.

type CreateConfig Uses

type CreateConfig struct {
    Options   map[string]string
    Labels    map[string]string
    Reference string

CreateConfig is the set of config options that can be set when creating a volume

type CreateOption Uses

type CreateOption func(*CreateConfig)

CreateOption is used to pass options in when creating a volume

func WithCreateLabels Uses

func WithCreateLabels(labels map[string]string) CreateOption

WithCreateLabels creates a CreateOption which sets the labels to the passed in value

func WithCreateOptions Uses

func WithCreateOptions(opts map[string]string) CreateOption

WithCreateOptions creates a CreateOption which sets the options passed to the volume driver when creating a volume to the options passed in.

func WithCreateReference Uses

func WithCreateReference(ref string) CreateOption

WithCreateReference creats a CreateOption which sets a reference to use when creating a volume. This ensures that the volume is created with a reference already attached to it to prevent race conditions with Create and volume cleanup.

type GetConfig Uses

type GetConfig struct {
    Driver        string
    Reference     string
    ResolveStatus bool

GetConfig is used with `GetOption` to set options for the volumes service's `Get` implementation.

type GetOption Uses

type GetOption func(*GetConfig)

GetOption is passed to the service `Get` add extra details on the get request

func WithGetDriver Uses

func WithGetDriver(name string) GetOption

WithGetDriver provides the driver to get the volume from If no driver is provided to `Get`, first the available metadata is checked to see which driver it belongs to, if that is not available all drivers are probed to find the volume.

func WithGetReference Uses

func WithGetReference(ref string) GetOption

WithGetReference indicates to `Get` to increment the reference count for the retrieved volume with the provided reference ID.

type RemoveConfig Uses

type RemoveConfig struct {
    PurgeOnError bool

RemoveConfig is used by `RemoveOption` to store config options for remove

type RemoveOption Uses

type RemoveOption func(*RemoveConfig)

RemoveOption is used to pass options to the volumes service `Remove` implementation

func WithPurgeOnError Uses

func WithPurgeOnError(b bool) RemoveOption

WithPurgeOnError is an option passed to `Remove` which will purge all cached data about a volume even if there was an error while attempting to remove the volume.

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