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package app

import ""


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func BeforeApp Uses

func BeforeApp(c *cli.Context) error

BeforeApp is an action that is executed before any cli command.

func ProjectBuild Uses

func ProjectBuild(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectBuild builds or rebuilds services.

func ProjectConfig Uses

func ProjectConfig(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectConfig validates and print the compose file.

func ProjectCreate Uses

func ProjectCreate(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectCreate creates all services but do not start them.

func ProjectDelete Uses

func ProjectDelete(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectDelete deletes services.

func ProjectDown Uses

func ProjectDown(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectDown brings all services down (stops and clean containers).

func ProjectEvents Uses

func ProjectEvents(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectEvents listen for real-time events of containers.

func ProjectKill Uses

func ProjectKill(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectKill forces stop service containers.

func ProjectLog Uses

func ProjectLog(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectLog gets services logs.

func ProjectPause Uses

func ProjectPause(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectPause pauses service containers.

func ProjectPort Uses

func ProjectPort(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectPort prints the public port for a port binding.

func ProjectPs Uses

func ProjectPs(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectPs lists the containers.

func ProjectPull Uses

func ProjectPull(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectPull pulls images for services.

func ProjectRestart Uses

func ProjectRestart(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectRestart restarts services.

func ProjectRun Uses

func ProjectRun(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectRun runs a given command within a service's container.

func ProjectScale Uses

func ProjectScale(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectScale scales services.

func ProjectStart Uses

func ProjectStart(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectStart starts services.

func ProjectStop Uses

func ProjectStop(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectStop stops all services.

func ProjectUnpause Uses

func ProjectUnpause(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectUnpause unpauses service containers.

func ProjectUp Uses

func ProjectUp(p project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectUp brings all services up.

func Version Uses

func Version(c *cli.Context) error

Version prints the libcompose version number and additionnal informations.

func WithProject Uses

func WithProject(factory ProjectFactory, action ProjectAction) func(context *cli.Context) error

WithProject is a helper function to create a cli.Command action with a ProjectFactory.

type ProjectAction Uses

type ProjectAction func(project project.APIProject, c *cli.Context) error

ProjectAction is an adapter to allow the use of ordinary functions as libcompose actions. Any function that has the appropriate signature can be register as an action on a codegansta/cli command.


	Name:   "ps",
	Usage:  "List containers",
	Action: app.WithProject(factory, app.ProjectPs),

type ProjectFactory Uses

type ProjectFactory interface {
    // Create creates a libcompose project from the command line options (urfave cli context).
    Create(c *cli.Context) (project.APIProject, error)

ProjectFactory is an interface that helps creating libcompose project.

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