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package mail

import ""


Package Files

document.go mailer.go space.go spam.go user.go

func IsBlockedEmailDomain Uses

func IsBlockedEmailDomain(to string) bool

IsBlockedEmailDomain checks to see if email domain is on spam/blacklisted email domain.

type Mailer Uses

type Mailer struct {
    Runtime *env.Runtime
    Store   *store.Store
    Context domain.RequestContext
    Config  ds.Config
    Dialer  *mail.Dialer

Mailer provides emailing facilities

func (*Mailer) DocumentApprover Uses

func (m *Mailer) DocumentApprover(recipient, inviterName, inviterEmail, url, document string)

DocumentApprover notifies user who has just been granted document approval rights.

func (*Mailer) Initialize Uses

func (m *Mailer) Initialize()

Initialize prepares mailer instance for action.

func (*Mailer) InviteExistingUser Uses

func (m *Mailer) InviteExistingUser(recipient, inviterName, inviterEmail, url string)

InviteExistingUser invites a known user to an organization.

func (*Mailer) InviteNewUser Uses

func (m *Mailer) InviteNewUser(recipient, inviterName, inviterEmail, url, username, password string)

InviteNewUser invites someone new providing credentials, explaining the product and stating who is inviting them.

func (*Mailer) ParseTemplate Uses

func (m *Mailer) ParseTemplate(filename string, params interface{}) (html string, err error)

ParseTemplate produces email template.

func (*Mailer) PasswordReset Uses

func (m *Mailer) PasswordReset(recipient, url string)

PasswordReset sends a reset email with an embedded token.

func (*Mailer) ShareSpaceExistingUser Uses

func (m *Mailer) ShareSpaceExistingUser(recipient, inviterName, inviterEmail, url, folder, intro string)

ShareSpaceExistingUser provides an existing user with a link to a newly shared space.

func (*Mailer) ShareSpaceNewUser Uses

func (m *Mailer) ShareSpaceNewUser(recipient, inviterName, inviterEmail, url, space, invitationMessage string)

ShareSpaceNewUser invites new user providing Credentials, explaining the product and stating who is inviting them.

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