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package link

import ""


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type Candidate Uses

type Candidate struct {
    RefID      string `json:"id"`
    LinkType   string `json:"linkType"`
    SpaceID    string `json:"spaceId"`
    DocumentID string `json:"documentId"`
    TargetID   string `json:"targetId"`
    Title      string `json:"title"`   // what we label the link
    Context    string `json:"context"` // additional context (e.g. excerpt, parent, file extension)

Candidate defines a potential link to a document/section/attachment.

type Link struct {
    OrgID            string `json:"orgId"`
    SpaceID          string `json:"spaceId"`
    UserID           string `json:"userId"`
    LinkType         string `json:"linkType"`
    SourceDocumentID string `json:"sourceDocumentId"`
    SourceSectionID  string `json:"sourcePageId"`
    TargetDocumentID string `json:"targetDocumentId"`
    TargetID         string `json:"targetId"`
    ExternalID       string `json:"externalId"`
    Orphan           bool   `json:"orphan"`

Link defines a reference between a section and another document/section/attachment.

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