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package kdf

import ""

package kdf contains implementations of various key derivation functions


Package Files

nist_sp800_56a.go pbkdf2.go


const (
    MaxInt = int(^uint(0) >> 1)

func DeriveConcatKDF Uses

func DeriveConcatKDF(keydatalen int, sharedSecret, algId, partyUInfo, partyVInfo, suppPubInfo, suppPrivInfo []byte, h hash.Hash) []byte

DeriveConcatKDF implements NIST SP 800-56A Concatenation Key Derivation Function. Derives key material of keydatalen bits size given Z (sharedSecret), OtherInfo (AlgorithmID | PartyUInfo | PartyVInfo | SuppPubInfo | SuppPrivInfo) and hash function

func DerivePBKDF2 Uses

func DerivePBKDF2(password, salt []byte, iterationCount, keyBitLength int, h func() hash.Hash) []byte

DerivePBKDF2 implements Password Based Key Derivation Function 2, RFC 2898. Derives key of keyBitLength size, given password, salt, iteration count and hash function

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