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package ecc

import ""

package ecc provides helpers for creating elliptic curve leys


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func NewPrivate Uses

func NewPrivate(x, y, d []byte) *ecdsa.PrivateKey

NewPrivate constructs ecdsa.PrivateKey from given (X,Y) and D

func NewPublic Uses

func NewPublic(x, y []byte) *ecdsa.PublicKey

NewPublic constructs ecdsa.PublicKey from given (X,Y)

func ReadPrivate Uses

func ReadPrivate(raw []byte) (key *ecdsa.PrivateKey, err error)

ReadPrivate loads ecdsa.PrivateKey from given PKCS1 or PKCS8 blobs

func ReadPublic Uses

func ReadPublic(raw []byte) (key *ecdsa.PublicKey, err error)

ReadPublic loads ecdsa.PublicKey from given PKCS1 X509 or PKIX blobs

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