apm-agent-go: github.com/elastic/apm-agent-go/module


apmbeegoPackage apmbeego provides tracing and error-reporting middleware for Beego applications.
apmchiPackage apmchi provides middleware for the Chi router, for tracing HTTP requests.
apmechoPackage apmecho provides middleware for the Echo framework, for tracing HTTP requests.
apmechov4Package apmechov4 provides middleware for the version 4 of Echo framework, for tracing HTTP requests.
apmelasticsearchPackage apmelasticsearch provides support for tracing the HTTP transport layer of Elasticsearch clients.
apmginPackage apmgin provides middleware for the Gin framework, for tracing HTTP requests.
apmgocqlPackage apmgocql provides an observer for tracing gocql (Cassandra) query spans.
apmgokitPackage apmgokit provides examples and integration tests for tracing services implemented with Go kit.
apmgopgPackage apmgopg provides wrappers for tracing go-pg operations.
apmgoredisPackage apmgoredis provides helpers for tracing github.com/go-redis/redis client operations as spans.
apmgoredisv8Package apmgoredisv8 provides helpers for tracing github.com/go-redis/redis/v8 client operations as spans.
apmgormPackage apmgorm provides wrappers for tracing GORM operations.
apmgorm/dialects/mysqlPackage apmgormmysql imports the gorm mysql dialect package, and also registers the mysql driver with apmsql.
apmgorm/dialects/postgresPackage apmgormpostgres imports the gorm postgres dialect package, and also registers the lib/pq driver with apmsql.
apmgorm/dialects/sqlitePackage apmgormsqlite imports the gorm sqlite dialect package, and also registers the sqlite3 driver with apmsql.
apmgrpcPackage apmgrpc provides interceptors for tracing gRPC.
apmhttpPackage apmhttp provides a tracing middleware http.Handler for servers, and a tracing http.RoundTripper for clients.
apmlambdaPackage apmlambda provides tracing for AWS Lambda functions.
apmmongoPackage apmmongo provides a CommandMonitor implementation for tracing Mongo commands.
apmotPackage apmot provides an Elastic APM implementation of the OpenTracing API.
apmredigoPackage apmredigo provides helpers for tracing github.com/gomodule/redigo/redis client operations as spans.
apmrestfulPackage apmrestful provides a tracing and panic/exception reporting filter for for the go-restful framework.
apmsqlPackage apmsql provides wrappers for tracing SQL query spans.
apmsql/mysqlPackage apmmysql registers the "mysql" driver with apmsql, so that you can trace go-sql-driver/mysql database connections.
apmsql/pqPackage apmpq registers the "postgres" driver with apmsql, so that you can trace lib/pq database connections.
apmsql/sqlite3Package apmsqlite3 registers the "sqlite3" driver with apmsql, so that you can trace sqlite3 database connections.
apmzerologPackage apmzerolog provides an implementaton of zerolog.LevelWriter for sending error records to Elastic APM, as well as functions for adding trace context and detailed error stack traces to log records.

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