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package config

import ""


Package Files



const (
    DefaultType = "log"

Defaults for config variables which are not set


var (
    DefaultConfig = Config{
        Registry: Registry{
            Path:        "registry",
            Permissions: 0600,
            MigrateFile: "",
        ShutdownTimeout:    0,
        OverwritePipelines: false,

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Inputs             []*common.Config     `config:"inputs"`
    Registry           Registry             `config:"registry"`
    ConfigDir          string               `config:"config_dir"`
    ShutdownTimeout    time.Duration        `config:"shutdown_timeout"`
    Modules            []*common.Config     `config:"modules"`
    ConfigInput        *common.Config       `config:"config.inputs"`
    ConfigModules      *common.Config       `config:"config.modules"`
    Autodiscover       *autodiscover.Config `config:"autodiscover"`
    OverwritePipelines bool                 `config:"overwrite_pipelines"`

func (*Config) FetchConfigs Uses

func (config *Config) FetchConfigs() error

Fetches and merges all config files given by configDir. All are put into one config object

func (*Config) IsInputEnabled Uses

func (config *Config) IsInputEnabled(name string) bool

IsInputEnabled returns true if the plugin name is enabled.

func (*Config) ListEnabledInputs Uses

func (config *Config) ListEnabledInputs() []string

ListEnabledInputs returns a list of enabled inputs sorted by alphabetical order.

type Registry Uses

type Registry struct {
    Path         string        `config:"path"`
    Permissions  os.FileMode   `config:"file_permissions"`
    FlushTimeout time.Duration `config:"flush"`
    MigrateFile  string        `config:"migrate_file"`

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