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package types

import "github.com/elastic/go-sysinfo/types"


Package Files

errors.go go.go host.go process.go


var ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("unimplemented")

ErrNotImplemented represents an error for a function that is not implemented on a particular platform.

type CPUTimer Uses

type CPUTimer interface {
    // CPUTime returns a CPUTimes structure for
    // the host or some process.
    // The User and System fields are guaranteed
    // to be populated for all platforms, and
    // for both hosts and processes.
    CPUTime() (CPUTimes, error)

CPUTimer is the interface that wraps the CPUTime method. CPUTime returns CPU time info

type CPUTimes Uses

type CPUTimes struct {
    User    time.Duration `json:"user"`
    System  time.Duration `json:"system"`
    Idle    time.Duration `json:"idle,omitempty"`
    IOWait  time.Duration `json:"iowait,omitempty"`
    IRQ     time.Duration `json:"irq,omitempty"`
    Nice    time.Duration `json:"nice,omitempty"`
    SoftIRQ time.Duration `json:"soft_irq,omitempty"`
    Steal   time.Duration `json:"steal,omitempty"`

CPUTimes contains CPU timing stats for a process

func (CPUTimes) Total Uses

func (cpu CPUTimes) Total() time.Duration

Total returns the total CPU time

type Capabilities Uses

type Capabilities interface {
    Capabilities() (*CapabilityInfo, error)

Capabilities is the interface that wraps the Capabilities method. Capabilities returns capabilities for a process

type CapabilityInfo Uses

type CapabilityInfo struct {
    Inheritable []string `json:"inheritable"`
    Permitted   []string `json:"permitted"`
    Effective   []string `json:"effective"`
    Bounding    []string `json:"bounding"`
    Ambient     []string `json:"ambient"`

CapabilityInfo contains capability set info.

type Environment Uses

type Environment interface {
    Environment() (map[string]string, error)

Environment is the interface that wraps the Environment method. Environment returns variables for a process

type GoInfo Uses

type GoInfo struct {
    OS       string `json:"os"`
    Arch     string `json:"arch"`
    MaxProcs int    `json:"max_procs"`
    Version  string `json:"version"`

GoInfo contains info about the go runtime

type Host Uses

type Host interface {
    Info() HostInfo
    Memory() (*HostMemoryInfo, error)

Host is the interface that wraps methods for returning Host stats

type HostInfo Uses

type HostInfo struct {
    Architecture      string    `json:"architecture"`            // Hardware architecture (e.g. x86_64, arm, ppc, mips).
    BootTime          time.Time `json:"boot_time"`               // Host boot time.
    Containerized     *bool     `json:"containerized,omitempty"` // Is the process containerized.
    Hostname          string    `json:"name"`                    // Hostname
    IPs               []string  `json:"ip,omitempty"`            // List of all IPs.
    KernelVersion     string    `json:"kernel_version"`          // Kernel version.
    MACs              []string  `json:"mac"`                     // List of MAC addresses.
    OS                *OSInfo   `json:"os"`                      // OS information.
    Timezone          string    `json:"timezone"`                // System timezone.
    TimezoneOffsetSec int       `json:"timezone_offset_sec"`     // Timezone offset (seconds from UTC).
    UniqueID          string    `json:"id,omitempty"`            // Unique ID of the host (optional).

HostInfo contains basic host information.

func (HostInfo) Uptime Uses

func (host HostInfo) Uptime() time.Duration

Uptime returns the system uptime

type HostMemoryInfo Uses

type HostMemoryInfo struct {
    Total        uint64            `json:"total_bytes"`         // Total physical memory.
    Used         uint64            `json:"used_bytes"`          // Total - Free
    Available    uint64            `json:"available_bytes"`     // Amount of memory available without swapping.
    Free         uint64            `json:"free_bytes"`          // Amount of memory not used by the system.
    VirtualTotal uint64            `json:"virtual_total_bytes"` // Total virtual memory.
    VirtualUsed  uint64            `json:"virtual_used_bytes"`  // VirtualTotal - VirtualFree
    VirtualFree  uint64            `json:"virtual_free_bytes"`  // Virtual memory that is not used.
    Metrics      map[string]uint64 `json:"raw,omitempty"`       // Other memory related metrics.

HostMemoryInfo (all values are specified in bytes).

type LoadAverage Uses

type LoadAverage interface {
    LoadAverage() LoadAverageInfo

LoadAverage is the interface that wraps the LoadAverage method. LoadAverage returns load info on the host

type LoadAverageInfo Uses

type LoadAverageInfo struct {
    One     float64 `json:"one_min"`
    Five    float64 `json:"five_min"`
    Fifteen float64 `json:"fifteen_min"`

LoadAverageInfo contains load statistics

type MemoryInfo Uses

type MemoryInfo struct {
    Resident uint64            `json:"resident_bytes"`
    Virtual  uint64            `json:"virtual_bytes"`
    Metrics  map[string]uint64 `json:"raw,omitempty"` // Other memory related metrics.

MemoryInfo contains memory stats for a process

type Netstat Uses

type Netstat struct {
    TCPExt map[string]uint64 `json:"tcp_ext" netstat:"TcpExt"`
    IPExt  map[string]uint64 `json:"ip_ext" netstat:"IpExt"`

Netstat represents the data from /proc/net/netstat

type NetworkCounters Uses

type NetworkCounters interface {
    NetworkCounters() (*NetworkCountersInfo, error)

NetworkCounters represents network stats from /proc/net

type NetworkCountersInfo Uses

type NetworkCountersInfo struct {
    SNMP    SNMP    `json:"snmp"`
    Netstat Netstat `json:"netstat"`

NetworkCountersInfo represents available network counters from /proc/net

type OSInfo Uses

type OSInfo struct {
    Family   string `json:"family"`             // OS Family (e.g. redhat, debian, freebsd, windows).
    Platform string `json:"platform"`           // OS platform (e.g. centos, ubuntu, windows).
    Name     string `json:"name"`               // OS Name (e.g. Mac OS X, CentOS).
    Version  string `json:"version"`            // OS version (e.g. 10.12.6).
    Major    int    `json:"major"`              // Major release version.
    Minor    int    `json:"minor"`              // Minor release version.
    Patch    int    `json:"patch"`              // Patch release version.
    Build    string `json:"build,omitempty"`    // Build (e.g. 16G1114).
    Codename string `json:"codename,omitempty"` // OS codename (e.g. jessie).

OSInfo contains basic OS information

type OpenHandleCounter Uses

type OpenHandleCounter interface {
    OpenHandleCount() (int, error)

OpenHandleCounter is the interface that wraps the OpenHandleCount method. OpenHandleCount returns the number of open file handles.

type OpenHandleEnumerator Uses

type OpenHandleEnumerator interface {
    OpenHandles() ([]string, error)

OpenHandleEnumerator is the interface that wraps the OpenHandles method. OpenHandles lists the open file handles.

type Process Uses

type Process interface {
    Info() (ProcessInfo, error)
    Memory() (MemoryInfo, error)
    User() (UserInfo, error)
    Parent() (Process, error)
    PID() int

Process is the main wrapper for gathering information on a process

type ProcessInfo Uses

type ProcessInfo struct {
    Name      string    `json:"name"`
    PID       int       `json:"pid"`
    PPID      int       `json:"ppid"`
    CWD       string    `json:"cwd"`
    Exe       string    `json:"exe"`
    Args      []string  `json:"args"`
    StartTime time.Time `json:"start_time"`

ProcessInfo contains basic stats about a process

type SNMP Uses

type SNMP struct {
    IP      map[string]uint64 `json:"ip" netstat:"Ip"`
    ICMP    map[string]uint64 `json:"icmp" netstat:"Icmp"`
    ICMPMsg map[string]uint64 `json:"icmp_msg" netstat:"IcmpMsg"`
    TCP     map[string]uint64 `json:"tcp" netstat:"Tcp"`
    UDP     map[string]uint64 `json:"udp" netstat:"Udp"`
    UDPLite map[string]uint64 `json:"udp_lite" netstat:"UdpLite"`

SNMP represents the data from /proc/net/snmp Note that according to RFC 2012,TCP.MaxConn, if present, is a signed value and should be cast to int64

type Seccomp Uses

type Seccomp interface {
    Seccomp() (*SeccompInfo, error)

Seccomp is the interface that wraps the Seccomp method. Seccomp returns seccomp info on Linux

type SeccompInfo Uses

type SeccompInfo struct {
    Mode       string `json:"mode"`
    NoNewPrivs *bool  `json:"no_new_privs,omitempty"` // Added in kernel 4.10.

SeccompInfo contains seccomp info for a process

type UserInfo Uses

type UserInfo struct {
    // UID is the user ID.
    // On Linux and Darwin (macOS) this is the real user ID.
    // On Windows, this is the security identifier (SID) of the
    // user account of the process access token.
    UID string `json:"uid"`

    // On Linux and Darwin (macOS) this is the effective user ID.
    // On Windows, this is empty.
    EUID string `json:"euid"`

    // On Linux and Darwin (macOS) this is the saved user ID.
    // On Windows, this is empty.
    SUID string `json:"suid"`

    // GID is the primary group ID.
    // On Linux and Darwin (macOS) this is the real group ID.
    // On Windows, this is the security identifier (SID) of the
    // primary group of the process access token.
    GID string `json:"gid"`

    // On Linux and Darwin (macOS) this is the effective group ID.
    // On Windows, this is empty.
    EGID string `json:"egid"`

    // On Linux and Darwin (macOS) this is the saved group ID.
    // On Windows, this is empty.
    SGID string `json:"sgid"`

UserInfo contains information about the UID and GID values of a process.

type VMStat Uses

type VMStat interface {
    VMStat() (*VMStatInfo, error)

VMStat is the interface wrapper for platforms that support /proc/vmstat.

type VMStatInfo Uses

type VMStatInfo struct {
    NrFreePages                uint64 `json:"nr_free_pages"`                 // (since Linux 2.6.31)
    NrAllocBatch               uint64 `json:"nr_alloc_batch"`                // (since Linux 3.12)
    NrInactiveAnon             uint64 `json:"nr_inactive_anon"`              // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    NrActiveAnon               uint64 `json:"nr_active_anon"`                // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    NrInactiveFile             uint64 `json:"nr_inactive_file"`              // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    NrActiveFile               uint64 `json:"nr_active_file"`                // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    NrUnevictable              uint64 `json:"nr_unevictable"`                // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    NrMlock                    uint64 `json:"nr_mlock"`                      // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    NrAnonPages                uint64 `json:"nr_anon_pages"`                 // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NrMapped                   uint64 `json:"nr_mapped"`                     // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    NrFilePages                uint64 `json:"nr_file_pages"`                 // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NrDirty                    uint64 `json:"nr_dirty"`                      // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    NrWriteback                uint64 `json:"nr_writeback"`                  // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    NrSlabReclaimable          uint64 `json:"nr_slab_reclaimable"`           // (since Linux 2.6.19)
    NrSlabUnreclaimable        uint64 `json:"nr_slab_unreclaimable"`         // (since Linux 2.6.19)
    NrPageTablePages           uint64 `json:"nr_page_table_pages"`           // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    NrKernelStack              uint64 `json:"nr_kernel_stack"`               // (since Linux 2.6.32)  Amount of memory allocated to kernel stacks.
    NrUnstable                 uint64 `json:"nr_unstable"`                   // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    NrBounce                   uint64 `json:"nr_bounce"`                     // (since Linux 2.6.12)
    NrVmscanWrite              uint64 `json:"nr_vmscan_write"`               // (since Linux 2.6.19)
    NrVmscanImmediateReclaim   uint64 `json:"nr_vmscan_immediate_reclaim"`   // (since Linux 3.2)
    NrWritebackTemp            uint64 `json:"nr_writeback_temp"`             // (since Linux 2.6.26)
    NrIsolatedAnon             uint64 `json:"nr_isolated_anon"`              // (since Linux 2.6.32)
    NrIsolatedFile             uint64 `json:"nr_isolated_file"`              // (since Linux 2.6.32)
    NrShmem                    uint64 `json:"nr_shmem"`                      // (since Linux 2.6.32) Pages used by shmem and tmpfs(5).
    NrDirtied                  uint64 `json:"nr_dirtied"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.37)
    NrWritten                  uint64 `json:"nr_written"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.37)
    NrPagesScanned             uint64 `json:"nr_pages_scanned"`              // (since Linux 3.17)
    NumaHit                    uint64 `json:"numa_hit"`                      // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NumaMiss                   uint64 `json:"numa_miss"`                     // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NumaForeign                uint64 `json:"numa_foreign"`                  // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NumaInterleave             uint64 `json:"numa_interleave"`               // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NumaLocal                  uint64 `json:"numa_local"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    NumaOther                  uint64 `json:"numa_other"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.18)
    WorkingsetRefault          uint64 `json:"workingset_refault"`            // (since Linux 3.15)
    WorkingsetActivate         uint64 `json:"workingset_activate"`           // (since Linux 3.15)
    WorkingsetNodereclaim      uint64 `json:"workingset_nodereclaim"`        // (since Linux 3.15)
    NrAnonTransparentHugepages uint64 `json:"nr_anon_transparent_hugepages"` // (since Linux 2.6.38)
    NrFreeCma                  uint64 `json:"nr_free_cma"`                   // (since Linux 3.7)  Number of free CMA (Contiguous Memory Allocator) pages.
    NrDirtyThreshold           uint64 `json:"nr_dirty_threshold"`            // (since Linux 2.6.37)
    NrDirtyBackgroundThreshold uint64 `json:"nr_dirty_background_threshold"` // (since Linux 2.6.37)
    Pgpgin                     uint64 `json:"pgpgin"`                        // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pgpgout                    uint64 `json:"pgpgout"`                       // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pswpin                     uint64 `json:"pswpin"`                        // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pswpout                    uint64 `json:"pswpout"`                       // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    PgallocDma                 uint64 `json:"pgalloc_dma"`                   // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgallocDma32               uint64 `json:"pgalloc_dma32"`                 // (since Linux 2.6.16)
    PgallocNormal              uint64 `json:"pgalloc_normal"`                // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgallocHigh                uint64 `json:"pgalloc_high"`                  // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgallocMovable             uint64 `json:"pgalloc_movable"`               // (since Linux 2.6.23)
    Pgfree                     uint64 `json:"pgfree"`                        // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pgactivate                 uint64 `json:"pgactivate"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pgdeactivate               uint64 `json:"pgdeactivate"`                  // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pgfault                    uint64 `json:"pgfault"`                       // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pgmajfault                 uint64 `json:"pgmajfault"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    PgrefillDma                uint64 `json:"pgrefill_dma"`                  // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgrefillDma32              uint64 `json:"pgrefill_dma32"`                // (since Linux 2.6.16)
    PgrefillNormal             uint64 `json:"pgrefill_normal"`               // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgrefillHigh               uint64 `json:"pgrefill_high"`                 // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgrefillMovable            uint64 `json:"pgrefill_movable"`              // (since Linux 2.6.23)
    PgstealKswapdDma           uint64 `json:"pgsteal_kswapd_dma"`            // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealKswapdDma32         uint64 `json:"pgsteal_kswapd_dma32"`          // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealKswapdNormal        uint64 `json:"pgsteal_kswapd_normal"`         // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealKswapdHigh          uint64 `json:"pgsteal_kswapd_high"`           // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealKswapdMovable       uint64 `json:"pgsteal_kswapd_movable"`        // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealDirectDma           uint64 `json:"pgsteal_direct_dma"`
    PgstealDirectDma32         uint64 `json:"pgsteal_direct_dma32"`   // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealDirectNormal        uint64 `json:"pgsteal_direct_normal"`  // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealDirectHigh          uint64 `json:"pgsteal_direct_high"`    // (since Linux 3.4)
    PgstealDirectMovable       uint64 `json:"pgsteal_direct_movable"` // (since Linux 2.6.23)
    PgscanKswapdDma            uint64 `json:"pgscan_kswapd_dma"`
    PgscanKswapdDma32          uint64 `json:"pgscan_kswapd_dma32"`  // (since Linux 2.6.16)
    PgscanKswapdNormal         uint64 `json:"pgscan_kswapd_normal"` // (since Linux 2.6.5)
    PgscanKswapdHigh           uint64 `json:"pgscan_kswapd_high"`
    PgscanKswapdMovable        uint64 `json:"pgscan_kswapd_movable"` // (since Linux 2.6.23)
    PgscanDirectDma            uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct_dma"`     //
    PgscanDirectDma32          uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct_dma32"`   // (since Linux 2.6.16)
    PgscanDirectNormal         uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct_normal"`
    PgscanDirectHigh           uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct_high"`
    PgscanDirectMovable        uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct_movable"`         // (since Linux 2.6.23)
    PgscanDirectThrottle       uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct_throttle"`        // (since Linux 3.6)
    ZoneReclaimFailed          uint64 `json:"zone_reclaim_failed"`           // (since linux 2.6.31)
    Pginodesteal               uint64 `json:"pginodesteal"`                  // (since linux 2.6.0)
    SlabsScanned               uint64 `json:"slabs_scanned"`                 // (since linux 2.6.5)
    KswapdInodesteal           uint64 `json:"kswapd_inodesteal"`             // (since linux 2.6.0)
    KswapdLowWmarkHitQuickly   uint64 `json:"kswapd_low_wmark_hit_quickly"`  // (since 2.6.33)
    KswapdHighWmarkHitQuickly  uint64 `json:"kswapd_high_wmark_hit_quickly"` // (since 2.6.33)
    Pageoutrun                 uint64 `json:"pageoutrun"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Allocstall                 uint64 `json:"allocstall"`                    // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    Pgrotated                  uint64 `json:"pgrotated"`                     // (since Linux 2.6.0)
    DropPagecache              uint64 `json:"drop_pagecache"`                // (since Linux 3.15)
    DropSlab                   uint64 `json:"drop_slab"`                     // (since Linux 3.15)
    NumaPteUpdates             uint64 `json:"numa_pte_updates"`              // (since Linux 3.8)
    NumaHugePteUpdates         uint64 `json:"numa_huge_pte_updates"`         // (since Linux 3.13)
    NumaHintFaults             uint64 `json:"numa_hint_faults"`              // (since Linux 3.8)
    NumaHintFaultsLocal        uint64 `json:"numa_hint_faults_local"`        // (since Linux 3.8)
    NumaPagesMigrated          uint64 `json:"numa_pages_migrated"`           // (since Linux 3.8)
    PgmigrateSuccess           uint64 `json:"pgmigrate_success"`             // (since Linux 3.8)
    PgmigrateFail              uint64 `json:"pgmigrate_fail"`                // (since Linux 3.8)
    CompactMigrateScanned      uint64 `json:"compact_migrate_scanned"`       // (since Linux 3.8)
    CompactFreeScanned         uint64 `json:"compact_free_scanned"`          // (since Linux 3.8)
    CompactIsolated            uint64 `json:"compact_isolated"`              // (since Linux 3.8)
    CompactStall               uint64 `json:"compact_stall"`                 // (since Linux 2.6.35) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    CompactFail                uint64 `json:"compact_fail"`                  // (since Linux 2.6.35) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    CompactSuccess             uint64 `json:"compact_success"`               // (since Linux 2.6.35) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    HtlbBuddyAllocSuccess      uint64 `json:"htlb_buddy_alloc_success"`      // (since Linux 2.6.26)
    HtlbBuddyAllocFail         uint64 `json:"htlb_buddy_alloc_fail"`         // (since Linux 2.6.26)
    UnevictablePgsCulled       uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_culled"`        // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    UnevictablePgsScanned      uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_scanned"`       // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    UnevictablePgsRescued      uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_rescued"`       // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    UnevictablePgsMlocked      uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_mlocked"`       // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    UnevictablePgsMunlocked    uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_munlocked"`     // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    UnevictablePgsCleared      uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_cleared"`       // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    UnevictablePgsStranded     uint64 `json:"unevictable_pgs_stranded"`      // (since Linux 2.6.28)
    ThpFaultAlloc              uint64 `json:"thp_fault_alloc"`               // (since Linux 2.6.39) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    ThpFaultFallback           uint64 `json:"thp_fault_fallback"`            // (since Linux 2.6.39) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    ThpCollapseAlloc           uint64 `json:"thp_collapse_alloc"`            // (since Linux 2.6.39) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    ThpCollapseAllocFailed     uint64 `json:"thp_collapse_alloc_failed"`     // (since Linux 2.6.39) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    ThpSplit                   uint64 `json:"thp_split"`                     // (since Linux 2.6.39) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    ThpZeroPageAlloc           uint64 `json:"thp_zero_page_alloc"`           // (since Linux 3.8) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    ThpZeroPageAllocFailed     uint64 `json:"thp_zero_page_alloc_failed"`    // (since Linux 3.8) See the kernel source file Documentation/admin-guide/mm/transhuge.rst.
    BalloonInflate             uint64 `json:"balloon_inflate"`               // (since Linux 3.18)
    BalloonDeflate             uint64 `json:"balloon_deflate"`               // (since Linux 3.18)
    BalloonMigrate             uint64 `json:"balloon_migrate"`               // (since Linux 3.18)
    NrTlbRemoteFlush           uint64 `json:"nr_tlb_remote_flush"`           // (since Linux 3.12)
    NrTlbRemoteFlushReceived   uint64 `json:"nr_tlb_remote_flush_received"`  // (since Linux 3.12)
    NrTlbLocalFlushAll         uint64 `json:"nr_tlb_local_flush_all"`        // (since Linux 3.12)
    NrTlbLocalFlushOne         uint64 `json:"nr_tlb_local_flush_one"`        // (since Linux 3.12)
    VmacacheFindCalls          uint64 `json:"vmacache_find_calls"`           // (since Linux 3.16)
    VmacacheFindHits           uint64 `json:"vmacache_find_hits"`            // (since Linux 3.16)
    VmacacheFullFlushes        uint64 `json:"vmacache_full_flushes"`         // (since Linux 3.19)
    // the following fields are not documented in `man 5 proc` as of 4.15
    NrZoneInactiveAnon          uint64 `json:"nr_zone_inactive_anon"`
    NrZoneActiveAnon            uint64 `json:"nr_zone_active_anon"`
    NrZoneInactiveFile          uint64 `json:"nr_zone_inactive_file"`
    NrZoneActiveFile            uint64 `json:"nr_zone_active_file"`
    NrZoneUnevictable           uint64 `json:"nr_zone_unevictable"`
    NrZoneWritePending          uint64 `json:"nr_zone_write_pending"`
    NrZspages                   uint64 `json:"nr_zspages"`
    NrShmemHugepages            uint64 `json:"nr_shmem_hugepages"`
    NrShmemPmdmapped            uint64 `json:"nr_shmem_pmdmapped"`
    AllocstallDma               uint64 `json:"allocstall_dma"`
    AllocstallDma32             uint64 `json:"allocstall_dma32"`
    AllocstallNormal            uint64 `json:"allocstall_normal"`
    AllocstallMovable           uint64 `json:"allocstall_movable"`
    PgskipDma                   uint64 `json:"pgskip_dma"`
    PgskipDma32                 uint64 `json:"pgskip_dma32"`
    PgskipNormal                uint64 `json:"pgskip_normal"`
    PgskipMovable               uint64 `json:"pgskip_movable"`
    Pglazyfree                  uint64 `json:"pglazyfree"`
    Pglazyfreed                 uint64 `json:"pglazyfreed"`
    Pgrefill                    uint64 `json:"pgrefill"`
    PgstealKswapd               uint64 `json:"pgsteal_kswapd"`
    PgstealDirect               uint64 `json:"pgsteal_direct"`
    PgscanKswapd                uint64 `json:"pgscan_kswapd"`
    PgscanDirect                uint64 `json:"pgscan_direct"`
    OomKill                     uint64 `json:"oom_kill"`
    CompactDaemonWake           uint64 `json:"compact_daemon_wake"`
    CompactDaemonMigrateScanned uint64 `json:"compact_daemon_migrate_scanned"`
    CompactDaemonFreeScanned    uint64 `json:"compact_daemon_free_scanned"`
    ThpFileAlloc                uint64 `json:"thp_file_alloc"`
    ThpFileMapped               uint64 `json:"thp_file_mapped"`
    ThpSplitPage                uint64 `json:"thp_split_page"`
    ThpSplitPageFailed          uint64 `json:"thp_split_page_failed"`
    ThpDeferredSplitPage        uint64 `json:"thp_deferred_split_page"`
    ThpSplitPmd                 uint64 `json:"thp_split_pmd"`
    ThpSplitPud                 uint64 `json:"thp_split_pud"`
    ThpSwpout                   uint64 `json:"thp_swpout"`
    ThpSwpoutFallback           uint64 `json:"thp_swpout_fallback"`
    SwapRa                      uint64 `json:"swap_ra"`
    SwapRaHit                   uint64 `json:"swap_ra_hit"`

VMStatInfo contains parsed info from /proc/vmstat. This procfs file has expanded much over the years with different kernel versions. If we don't have a field in vmstat, the field in the struct will just be blank. The comments represent kernel versions.

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