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containersPackage containers provides core interfaces and functions for data structures.
listsPackage lists provides an abstract List interface.
lists/arraylistPackage arraylist implements the array list.
lists/doublylinkedlistPackage doublylinkedlist implements the doubly-linked list.
lists/singlylinkedlistPackage singlylinkedlist implements the singly-linked list.
mapsPackage maps provides an abstract Map interface.
maps/hashbidimapPackage hashbidimap implements a bidirectional map backed by two hashmaps.
maps/hashmapPackage hashmap implements a map backed by a hash table.
maps/linkedhashmapPackage linkedhashmap is a map that preserves insertion-order.
maps/treebidimapPackage treebidimap implements a bidirectional map backed by two red-black tree.
maps/treemapPackage treemap implements a map backed by red-black tree.
setsPackage sets provides an abstract Set interface.
sets/hashsetPackage hashset implements a set backed by a hash table.
sets/linkedhashsetPackage linkedhashset is a set that preserves insertion-order.
sets/treesetPackage treeset implements a tree backed by a red-black tree.
stacksPackage stacks provides an abstract Stack interface.
stacks/arraystackPackage arraystack implements a stack backed by array list.
stacks/linkedliststackPackage linkedliststack implements a stack backed by a singly-linked list.
treesPackage trees provides an abstract Tree interface.
trees/avltreePackage avltree implements an AVL balanced binary tree.
trees/binaryheapPackage binaryheap implements a binary heap backed by array list.
trees/btreePackage btree implements a B tree.
trees/redblacktreePackage redblacktree implements a red-black tree.
utilsPackage utils provides common utility functions.

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