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package admission

import "github.com/erimatnor/kubernetes/pkg/admission"


Package Files

attributes.go chain.go errors.go interfaces.go plugins.go

func GetPlugins Uses

func GetPlugins() []string

GetPlugins enumerates the

func NewForbidden Uses

func NewForbidden(a Attributes, internalError error) error

NewForbidden is a utility function to return a well-formatted admission control error response

func RegisterPlugin Uses

func RegisterPlugin(name string, plugin Factory)

RegisterPlugin registers a plugin Factory by name. This is expected to happen during app startup.

type Attributes Uses

type Attributes interface {
    GetNamespace() string
    GetResource() string
    GetOperation() string
    GetObject() runtime.Object
    GetKind() string

Attributes is an interface used by AdmissionController to get information about a request that is used to make an admission decision.

func NewAttributesRecord Uses

func NewAttributesRecord(object runtime.Object, kind, namespace, resource, operation string) Attributes

type Factory Uses

type Factory func(client client.Interface, config io.Reader) (Interface, error)

Factory is a function that returns an Interface for admission decisions. The config parameter provides an io.Reader handler to the factory in order to load specific configurations. If no configuration is provided the parameter is nil.

type Interface Uses

type Interface interface {
    // Admit makes an admission decision based on the request attributes
    Admit(a Attributes) (err error)

Interface is an abstract, pluggable interface for Admission Control decisions.

func GetPlugin Uses

func GetPlugin(name string, client client.Interface, config io.Reader) (Interface, error)

GetPlugin creates an instance of the named plugin, or nil if the name is not known. The error return is only used if the named provider was known but failed to initialize. The config parameter specifies the io.Reader handler of the configuration file for the cloud provider, or nil for no configuration.

func InitPlugin Uses

func InitPlugin(name string, client client.Interface, configFilePath string) Interface

InitPlugin creates an instance of the named interface.

func NewFromPlugins Uses

func NewFromPlugins(client client.Interface, pluginNames []string, configFilePath string) Interface

NewFromPlugins returns an admission.Interface that will enforce admission control decisions of all the given plugins.

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