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package config

import "github.com/erimatnor/kubernetes/pkg/config"


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func CreateObject Uses

func CreateObject(client RESTClientPoster, mapping *meta.RESTMapping, obj runtime.Object) *errs.ValidationError

CreateObject creates the obj using the provided clients and the resource URI mapping. It reports ValidationError when the object is missing the Metadata or the Name and it will report any error occured during create REST call

func CreateObjects Uses

func CreateObjects(typer runtime.ObjectTyper, mapper meta.RESTMapper, clientFor ClientPosterFunc, objects []runtime.Object) []error

CreateObjects creates bulk of resources provided by items list. Each item must be valid API type. It requires ObjectTyper to parse the Version and Kind and RESTMapper to get the resource URI and REST client that knows how to create given type

type ClientPosterFunc Uses

type ClientPosterFunc func(mapping *meta.RESTMapping) (RESTClientPoster, error)

ClientFunc returns the RESTClient defined for given resource

type RESTClientPoster Uses

type RESTClientPoster interface {
    Post() *client.Request

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