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package network

import "github.com/erimatnor/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/network"


Package Files

plugins.go testing.go


const DefaultPluginName = "kubernetes.io/no-op"

func NewFakeHost Uses

func NewFakeHost(kubeClient client.Interface) *fakeNetworkHost

func UnescapePluginName Uses

func UnescapePluginName(in string) string

type Host Uses

type Host interface {
    // Get the pod structure by its name, namespace
    GetPodByName(namespace, name string) (*api.Pod, bool)

    // GetKubeClient returns a client interface
    GetKubeClient() client.Interface

Host is an interface that plugins can use to access the kubelet.

type NetworkPlugin Uses

type NetworkPlugin interface {
    // Init initializes the plugin.  This will be called exactly once
    // before any other methods are called.
    Init(host Host) error

    // Name returns the plugin's name. This will be used when searching
    // for a plugin by name, e.g.
    Name() string

    // SetUpPod is the method called after the infra container of
    // the pod has been created but before the other containers of the
    // pod are launched.
    SetUpPod(namespace string, name string, podInfraContainerID kubeletTypes.DockerID) error

    // TearDownPod is the method called before a pod's infra container will be deleted
    TearDownPod(namespace string, name string, podInfraContainerID kubeletTypes.DockerID) error

Plugin is an interface to network plugins for the kubelet

func InitNetworkPlugin Uses

func InitNetworkPlugin(plugins []NetworkPlugin, networkPluginName string, host Host) (NetworkPlugin, error)

InitNetworkPlugin inits the plugin that matches networkPluginName. Plugins must have unique names.


execPackage exec scans and loads networking plugins that are installed under /usr/libexec/kubernetes/kubelet-plugins/net/exec/ The layout convention for a plugin is: plugin-name/ (plugins have to be directories first) plugin-name/plugin-name (executable that will be called out, see Vendoring Note for more nuances) plugin-name/<other-files> where, 'executable' has the following requirements: - should ...

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