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package service

import "github.com/erimatnor/kubernetes/pkg/registry/service"

Package service provides the Registry interface and its RESTStorage implementation for storing Service api objects.


Package Files

doc.go ip_allocator.go registry.go rest.go

func GetIndexedIP Uses

func GetIndexedIP(subnet *net.IPNet, index int) (net.IP, error)

Returns the index-th IP from the specified subnet range. For example, subnet "" with index "2" will return the IP "". TODO(saad-ali): Move this (and any other functions that are independent of ipAllocator) to some place more generic.

type REST Uses

type REST struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

REST adapts a service registry into apiserver's RESTStorage model.

func NewStorage Uses

func NewStorage(registry Registry, machines minion.Registry, endpoints endpoint.Registry, portalNet *net.IPNet,
    clusterName string) *REST

NewStorage returns a new REST.

func (*REST) Create Uses

func (rs *REST) Create(ctx api.Context, obj runtime.Object) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*REST) Delete Uses

func (rs *REST) Delete(ctx api.Context, id string) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*REST) Get Uses

func (rs *REST) Get(ctx api.Context, id string) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*REST) List Uses

func (rs *REST) List(ctx api.Context, label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) (runtime.Object, error)

func (*REST) New Uses

func (*REST) New() runtime.Object

func (*REST) NewList Uses

func (*REST) NewList() runtime.Object

func (*REST) ResourceLocation Uses

func (rs *REST) ResourceLocation(ctx api.Context, id string) (*url.URL, http.RoundTripper, error)

ResourceLocation returns a URL to which one can send traffic for the specified service.

func (*REST) Update Uses

func (rs *REST) Update(ctx api.Context, obj runtime.Object) (runtime.Object, bool, error)

func (*REST) Watch Uses

func (rs *REST) Watch(ctx api.Context, label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector, resourceVersion string) (watch.Interface, error)

Watch returns Services events via a watch.Interface. It implements rest.Watcher.

type Registry Uses

type Registry interface {
    ListServices(ctx api.Context) (*api.ServiceList, error)
    CreateService(ctx api.Context, svc *api.Service) (*api.Service, error)
    GetService(ctx api.Context, name string) (*api.Service, error)
    DeleteService(ctx api.Context, name string) error
    UpdateService(ctx api.Context, svc *api.Service) (*api.Service, error)
    WatchServices(ctx api.Context, labels labels.Selector, fields fields.Selector, resourceVersion string) (watch.Interface, error)

Registry is an interface for things that know how to store services.

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