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package yaml

import "github.com/erimatnor/kubernetes/pkg/util/yaml"


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func ToJSON Uses

func ToJSON(data []byte) ([]byte, error)

ToJSON converts a single YAML document into a JSON document or returns an error. If the document appears to be JSON the YAML decoding path is not used (so that error messages are) JSON specific.

type YAMLOrJSONDecoder Uses

type YAMLOrJSONDecoder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

YAMLOrJSONDecoder attempts to decode a stream of JSON documents or YAML documents by sniffing for a leading { character.

func NewYAMLOrJSONDecoder Uses

func NewYAMLOrJSONDecoder(r io.Reader, bufferSize int) *YAMLOrJSONDecoder

NewYAMLOrJSONDecoder returns a decoder that will process YAML documents or JSON documents from the given reader as a stream. bufferSize determines how far into the stream the decoder will look to figure out whether this is a JSON stream (has whitespace followed by an open brace).

func (*YAMLOrJSONDecoder) Decode Uses

func (d *YAMLOrJSONDecoder) Decode(into interface{}) error

Decode unmarshals the next object from the underlying stream into the provide object, or returns an error.

type YAMLToJSONDecoder Uses

type YAMLToJSONDecoder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

YAMLToJSONDecoder decodes YAML documents from an io.Reader by separating individual documents. It first converts the YAML body to JSON, then unmarshals the JSON.

func NewYAMLToJSONDecoder Uses

func NewYAMLToJSONDecoder(r io.Reader) *YAMLToJSONDecoder

NewYAMLToJSONDecoder decodes YAML documents from the provided stream in chunks by converting each document (as defined by the YAML spec) into its own chunk, converting it to JSON via yaml.YAMLToJSON, and then passing it to json.Decoder.

func (*YAMLToJSONDecoder) Decode Uses

func (d *YAMLToJSONDecoder) Decode(into interface{}) error

Decode reads a YAML document as JSON from the stream or returns an error. The decoding rules match json.Unmarshal, not yaml.Unmarshal.

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