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package checkpointoracle

import "github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/les/checkpointoracle"

Package checkpointoracle is a wrapper of checkpoint oracle contract with additional rules defined. This package can be used both in LES client or server side for offering oracle related APIs.


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type CheckpointOracle Uses

type CheckpointOracle struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CheckpointOracle is responsible for offering the latest stable checkpoint generated and announced by the contract admins on-chain. The checkpoint can be verified by clients locally during the checkpoint syncing.

func New Uses

func New(config *params.CheckpointOracleConfig, getLocal func(uint64) params.TrustedCheckpoint) *CheckpointOracle

New creates a checkpoint oracle handler with given configs and callback.

func (*CheckpointOracle) Contract Uses

func (oracle *CheckpointOracle) Contract() *checkpointoracle.CheckpointOracle

Contract returns the underlying raw checkpoint oracle contract.

func (*CheckpointOracle) IsRunning Uses

func (oracle *CheckpointOracle) IsRunning() bool

IsRunning returns an indicator whether the oracle is running.

func (*CheckpointOracle) StableCheckpoint Uses

func (oracle *CheckpointOracle) StableCheckpoint() (*params.TrustedCheckpoint, uint64)

StableCheckpoint returns the stable checkpoint which was generated by local indexers and announced by trusted signers.

func (*CheckpointOracle) Start Uses

func (oracle *CheckpointOracle) Start(backend bind.ContractBackend)

Start binds the contract backend, initializes the oracle instance and marks the status as available.

func (*CheckpointOracle) VerifySigners Uses

func (oracle *CheckpointOracle) VerifySigners(index uint64, hash [32]byte, signatures [][]byte) (bool, []common.Address)

VerifySigners recovers the signer addresses according to the signature and checks whether there are enough approvals to finalize the checkpoint.

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