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accountPackage account contains the code to manage users and integrate authenthication functionalities from other identity providers.
applicationPackage application contains the code declaration of the necessary interfaces which hold the business logic of our application.
application/repositoryPackage repository contains interfaces used by our repositories.
areaPackage area provides all the required functions to manage the definition of areas.
authPackage auth provides functionality related to authentication and authorization
commentPackage comment contains all the required operations to manage comments done in the work items.
configurationPackage configuration is in charge of the validation and extraction of all the configuration details from a configuration file.
criteriaPackage criteria holds a representation of expression trees and code for their manipulation This package serves to decouple the concrete query language from the execution of the queries against the database
designPackage design contains the generic API machinery code of our adder API generated using goa framework.
errorsPackage errors holds some of the defined wrappers to handle specific type of errors.
goamiddlewarePackage goamiddleware contains a custom goa middleware that aims to extract, when possible, the token from the http requests.
gormapplicationPackage gormapplication contains the code in charge of managing CRUD operations over all the defined objects in our gorm database.
gormsupportPackage gormsupport provides all the required functions to manage the lifecycle and common operations against our gorm database.
gormtestsupportPackage gormtestsupport provides all the required functions to manage the lifecycle and common operations against our gorm database in tests.
gormtestsupport/benchmarkPackage benchmark provides all the required functions to manage the lifecycle and common operations against our gorm database in benchmarks.
idPackage id contains functions for dealing with various UUID containers.
iterationPackage iteration provides all the required functions to manage the iterations over the work items.
logPackage log provides an implementation of our own logging API calls atop of logrus logging package
loginPackage login defines the basic entrypoint required to perform a remote oauth login.
login/tokencontextPackage tokencontext contains the code that extract token manager from the context.
metricPackage metric contains all the functions to record and configure different metrics
migrationPackage migration contains all the necessary code for the creation and population of the database.
ptrPackage ptr provides functions to create on the fly pointer values for some built-in types.
query/simplePackage query This package implements a super basic parser that takes a string, converts it to json and constructs an AndExpression of "key == value" expressions of all the fields in the json object this is just a stand-in until we have defined a proper query language
remoteworkitemPackage remoteworkitem contains all the code that tracks the work items created in remote systems such as jira, github.
renderingPackage rendering contains all the functions used to render the information in Markup down or HTML format.
resourcePackage resource is used to manage which tests shall be executed.
searchPackage search contains all the required functions to find work items Following different patterns and filter options.
spacePackage space provides all the required functions to manage the definition of spaces.
space/authzPackage authz contains the code that authorizes space operations
spacetemplatePackage spacetemplate contains the repository for handling space templates.
spacetemplate/importerPackage importer provides functions to help import a space template YAML definition into the system.
testThis file was generated by counterfeiter
test/testfixturePackage testfixture helps you bootstrap test scenarios very effectively.
tokenPackage token is used to manage the creation and validation of the credentials used for authenthication.
workitemPackage workitem contains the code that allows to manage work items, work item types.
workitem/linkPackage link contains the code that provides all the required operations to manage work item link, work item link types and work item link categories.

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