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package meta

import ""

Package meta contains the generic metadata APIs for use by toolkit components.


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const (
    // ReconcileAtAnnotation is the annotation used for triggering a reconciliation
    // outside of the defined schedule. Despite the name, the value is not
    // interpreted as a timestamp, and any change in value shall trigger a
    // reconciliation.
    // DEPRECATED: has been replaced by ReconcileRequestAnnotation.
    ReconcileAtAnnotation string = ""

    // ReconcileRequestAnnotation is the new ReconcileAtAnnotation,
    // with a better name. For backward-compatibility, use
    // ReconcileAnnotationValue, which will account for both
    // annotations.
    ReconcileRequestAnnotation string = ""
const (
    // ReconciliationSucceededReason represents the fact that the reconciliation of
    // a toolkit resource has succeeded.
    ReconciliationSucceededReason string = "ReconciliationSucceeded"

    // ReconciliationFailedReason represents the fact that the reconciliation of a
    // toolkit resource has failed.
    ReconciliationFailedReason string = "ReconciliationFailed"

    // ProgressingReason represents the fact that the reconciliation of a toolkit
    // resource is underway.
    ProgressingReason string = "Progressing"

    // DependencyNotReadyReason represents the fact that one of the toolkit resource
    // dependencies is not ready.
    DependencyNotReadyReason string = "DependencyNotReady"

    // SuspendedReason represents the fact that the reconciliation of a toolkit
    // resource is suspended.
    SuspendedReason string = "Suspended"
const (
    // ReadyCondition is the name of the Ready condition implemented by all toolkit
    // resources.
    ReadyCondition string = "Ready"

func ReconcileAnnotationValue Uses

func ReconcileAnnotationValue(annotations map[string]string) (string, bool)

ReconcileAnnotationValue returns a value for the reconciliation request annotations, which can be used to detect changes; and, a boolean indicating whether either annotation was set.

func SetResourceCondition Uses

func SetResourceCondition(obj ObjectWithStatusConditions, condition string, status metav1.ConditionStatus, reason, message string)

SetResourceCondition sets the given condition with the given status, reason and message on a resource.

type ObjectWithStatusConditions Uses

type ObjectWithStatusConditions interface {
    GetStatusConditions() *[]metav1.Condition

ObjectWithStatusConditions is an interface that describes kubernetes resource type structs with Status Conditions

type ReconcileRequestStatus Uses

type ReconcileRequestStatus struct {
    // LastHandledReconcileAt holds the value of the most recent
    // reconcile request value, so a change can be detected.
    // +optional
    LastHandledReconcileAt string `json:"lastHandledReconcileAt,omitempty"`

ReconcileRequestStatus is a struct to embed in the status type, so that all types using the mechanism have the same field. Use it like this:

“` type WhateverStatus struct {

meta.ReconcileRequestStatus `json:",inline"`
// other status fields...

} “`

func (ReconcileRequestStatus) GetLastHandledReconcileRequest Uses

func (rs ReconcileRequestStatus) GetLastHandledReconcileRequest() string

func (*ReconcileRequestStatus) SetLastHandledReconcileRequest Uses

func (rs *ReconcileRequestStatus) SetLastHandledReconcileRequest(token string)

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