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package googledriveblobstore

import ""

Writes your blobs to Google Drive


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func New Uses

func New(optsSerialized string, logger *log.Logger) (*googledrive, error)

func Oauth2AuthCodeUrl Uses

func Oauth2AuthCodeUrl(conf *oauth2.Config) string

func Oauth2Config Uses

func Oauth2Config(clientId string, clientSecret string) *oauth2.Config

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    VarastoDirectoryId string        `json:"directory_id"`
    ClientId           string        `json:"oauth2_client_id"`
    ClientSecret       string        `json:"oauth2_client_secret"`
    Token              *oauth2.Token `json:"oauth2_token"`

func (*Config) Serialize Uses

func (c *Config) Serialize() (string, error)

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