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package scan

import ""


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func CheckDependencies Uses

func CheckDependencies(timeoutSec int)

CheckDependencies checks dependencies are installed on target servers.

func CheckIfSudoNoPasswd Uses

func CheckIfSudoNoPasswd(timeoutSec int)

CheckIfSudoNoPasswd checks whether vuls can sudo with nopassword via SSH

func CheckScanModes Uses

func CheckScanModes() error

CheckScanModes checks scan mode

func DetectIPSs Uses

func DetectIPSs(timeoutSec int)

DetectIPSs detects the IPS of each servers.

func DetectPlatforms Uses

func DetectPlatforms(timeoutSec int)

DetectPlatforms detects the platform of each servers.

func EnsureResultDir Uses

func EnsureResultDir(scannedAt time.Time) (currentDir string, err error)

EnsureResultDir ensures the directory for scan results

func GetScanResults Uses

func GetScanResults(scannedAt time.Time, timeoutSec int) (results models.ScanResults, err error)

GetScanResults returns ScanResults from

func InitServers Uses

func InitServers(timeoutSec int) error

InitServers detect the kind of OS distribution of target servers

func PrintSSHableServerNames Uses

func PrintSSHableServerNames() bool

PrintSSHableServerNames print SSH-able servernames

func Scan Uses

func Scan(timeoutSec int) error

Scan scan

func ViaHTTP Uses

func ViaHTTP(header http.Header, body string) (models.ScanResult, error)

ViaHTTP scans servers by HTTP header and body

type DetectedCveID Uses

type DetectedCveID struct {
    CveID      string
    Confidence models.Confidence

DetectedCveID has CveID, Confidence and DetectionMethod fields LenientMatching will be true if this vulnerability is not detected by accurate version matching. see

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