engine: github.com/g3n/engine


animationPackage animation
appPackage app implements a cross-platform G3N app.
audioPackage audio contains sub packages for binding to external audio libraries and implements a spatial audio player.
audio/alPackage al implements the Go bindings of a subset of the functions of the OpenAL C library.
audio/ovPackage ov implements the Go bindings of a subset of the functions of the Ogg Vorbis File C library.
audio/vorbisPackage vorbis implements the Go bindings of a subset (only one function) of the functions of the libvorbis library See API reference at: https://xiph.org/vorbis/doc/libvorbis/reference.html
cameraPackage camera contains virtual cameras and associated controls.
corePackage core implements some basic types used by other packages.
experimental/collisionPackage collision implements collision related algorithms and data structures.
experimental/physicsPackage collision implements collision related algorithms and data structures.
experimental/physics/constraintPackage constraint implements physics constraints.
experimental/physics/equationPackage equation implements SPOOK equations based on the 2007 PhD thesis of Claude Lacoursière titled "Ghosts and Machines: Regularized Variational Methods for Interactive Simulations of Multibodies with Dry Frictional Contacts"
experimental/physics/solverPackage physics implements a basic physics engine.
geometryPackage geometry implements several primitive geometry generators.
glsPackage gls implements a loader of OpenGL functions for the platform and a Go binding for selected OpenGL functions.
graphicPackage graphic implements scene objects which have a graphic representation.
guiPackage gui implements the GUI infrastructure and several widgets.
gui/assetsCode generated by go-bindata.
lightPackage light contains common light types which can be add to a 3D scene to illuminate it.
loader/colladaPackage collada
loader/gltfPackage gltf
loader/objPackage obj is used to parse the Wavefront OBJ file format (*.obj), including associated materials (*.mtl).
materialPackage material contains virtual materials which specify the appearance of graphic objects.
math32Package math32 implements basic math functions which operate directly on float32 numbers without casting and contains types of common entities used in 3D Graphics such as vectors, matrices, quaternions and others.
rendererPackage renderer implements the scene renderer.
renderer/shadersPackage shaders contains the several shaders used by the engine
textPackage text implements text font support.
texturePackage texture contains several types of textures which can be added to materials.
util/loggerPackage logger implements an hierarchical logger used by other packages.
windowPackage window abstracts a platform-specific window.

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