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package shoot

import ""


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shoot.go types.go


const ExtensionDefaultTimeout = 3 * time.Minute

ExtensionDefaultTimeout is the default timeout and defines how long Gardener should wait for a successful reconciliation of this extension resource.

const TechnicalIDPrefix = "shoot--"

TechnicalIDPrefix is a prefix used for a shoot's technical id.

func ComputeTechnicalID Uses

func ComputeTechnicalID(projectName string, shoot *gardencorev1beta1.Shoot) string

ComputeTechnicalID determines the technical id of that Shoot which is later used for the name of the namespace and for tagging all the resources created in the infrastructure.

func ConstructExternalClusterDomain Uses

func ConstructExternalClusterDomain(shoot *gardencorev1beta1.Shoot) *string

ConstructExternalClusterDomain constructs the external Shoot cluster domain, i.e. the domain which will be put into the Kubeconfig handed out to the user.

func ConstructExternalDomain Uses

func ConstructExternalDomain(ctx context.Context, client client.Client, shoot *gardencorev1beta1.Shoot, shootSecret *corev1.Secret, defaultDomains []*garden.Domain) (*garden.Domain, error)

ConstructExternalDomain constructs an object containing all relevant information of the external domain that shall be used for a shoot cluster - based on the configuration of the Garden cluster and the shoot itself.

func ConstructInternalClusterDomain Uses

func ConstructInternalClusterDomain(shootName, shootProject string, internalDomain *garden.Domain) string

ConstructInternalClusterDomain constructs the internal base domain pof this shoot cluster. It is only used for internal purposes (all kubeconfigs except the one which is received by the user will only talk with the kube-apiserver via a DNS record of domain). In case the given <internalDomain> already contains "internal", the result is constructed as "<shootName>.<shootProject>.<internalDomain>." In case it does not, the word "internal" will be appended, resulting in "<shootName>.<shootProject>.internal.<internalDomain>".

func IsIncompleteDNSConfigError Uses

func IsIncompleteDNSConfigError(err error) bool

IsIncompleteDNSConfigError returns true if the error indicates that not the DNS config is incomplete.

func MergeExtensions Uses

func MergeExtensions(registrations []gardencorev1beta1.ControllerRegistration, extensions []gardencorev1beta1.Extension, namespace string) (map[string]Extension, error)

MergeExtensions merges the given controller registrations with the given extensions, expecting that each type in extensions is also represented in the registration.

func UnfoldTechnicalID Uses

func UnfoldTechnicalID(technicalID string) (projectName, shootName string)

UnfoldTechnicalID extracts the project and shoot names from Shoot's TechnicalID which is also used for namespace

type Extension Uses

type Extension struct {
    Timeout time.Duration

Extension contains information about the extension api resouce as well as configuration information.

type IncompleteDNSConfigError Uses

type IncompleteDNSConfigError struct{}

IncompleteDNSConfigError is a custom error type.

func (*IncompleteDNSConfigError) Error Uses

func (e *IncompleteDNSConfigError) Error() string

Error prints the error message of the IncompleteDNSConfigError error.

type Networks Uses

type Networks struct {
    // Pods subnet
    Pods *net.IPNet
    // Services subnet
    Services *net.IPNet
    // APIServer is the ClusterIP of default/kubernetes Service
    APIServer net.IP
    // CoreDNS is the ClusterIP of kube-system/coredns Service
    CoreDNS net.IP

Networks contains pre-calculated subnets and IP address for various components.

func ToNetworks Uses

func ToNetworks(s *gardencorev1beta1.Shoot) (*Networks, error)

ToNetworks return a network with computed cidrs and ClusterIPs for a Shoot

type OperatingSystemConfig Uses

type OperatingSystemConfig struct {
    Name string
    Data OperatingSystemConfigData

OperatingSystemConfig contains the operating system config's name and data.

type OperatingSystemConfigData Uses

type OperatingSystemConfigData struct {
    Content string
    Command *string
    Units   []string

OperatingSystemConfigData contains the actual content, a command to load it and all units that shall be considered for restart on change.

type OperatingSystemConfigs Uses

type OperatingSystemConfigs struct {
    Downloader OperatingSystemConfig
    Original   OperatingSystemConfig

OperatingSystemConfigs contains operating system configs for the downloader script as well as for the original cloud config.

type Shoot Uses

type Shoot struct {
    Info         *gardencorev1beta1.Shoot
    Secret       *corev1.Secret
    CloudProfile *gardencorev1beta1.CloudProfile

    SeedNamespace               string
    KubernetesMajorMinorVersion string

    DisableDNS            bool
    InternalClusterDomain string
    ExternalClusterDomain *string
    ExternalDomain        *garden.Domain

    WantsClusterAutoscaler bool
    WantsAlertmanager      bool
    IgnoreAlerts           bool
    HibernationEnabled     bool

    Networks *Networks

    OperatingSystemConfigsMap map[string]OperatingSystemConfigs
    Extensions                map[string]Extension
    InfrastructureStatus      []byte
    ControlPlaneStatus        []byte
    MachineDeployments        []extensionsv1alpha1.MachineDeployment

Shoot is an object containing information about a Shoot cluster.

func New Uses

func New(k8sGardenClient kubernetes.Interface, k8sGardenCoreInformers gardencoreinformers.Interface, shoot *gardencorev1beta1.Shoot, projectName string, disableDNS bool, internalDomain *garden.Domain, defaultDomains []*garden.Domain) (*Shoot, error)

New takes a <k8sGardenClient>, the <k8sGardenCoreInformers> and a <shoot> manifest, and creates a new Shoot representation. It will add the CloudProfile, the cloud provider secret, compute the internal cluster domain and identify the cloud provider.

func (*Shoot) ComputeCloudConfigSecretName Uses

func (s *Shoot) ComputeCloudConfigSecretName(workerName string) string

ComputeCloudConfigSecretName computes the name for a secret which contains the original cloud config for the worker group with the given <workerName>. It is build by the cloud config secret prefix, the worker name itself and a hash of the minor Kubernetes version of the Shoot cluster.

func (*Shoot) ComputeInClusterAPIServerAddress Uses

func (s *Shoot) ComputeInClusterAPIServerAddress(runsInShootNamespace bool) string

ComputeInClusterAPIServerAddress returns the internal address for the shoot API server depending on whether the caller runs in the shoot namespace or not.

func (*Shoot) ComputeOutOfClusterAPIServerAddress Uses

func (s *Shoot) ComputeOutOfClusterAPIServerAddress(apiServerAddress string, useInternalClusterDomain bool) string

ComputeOutOfClusterAPIServerAddress returns the external address for the shoot API server depending on whether the caller wants to use the internal cluster domain and whether DNS is disabled on this seed.

func (*Shoot) GetIngressFQDN Uses

func (s *Shoot) GetIngressFQDN(subDomain string) string

GetIngressFQDN returns the fully qualified domain name of ingress sub-resource for the Shoot cluster. The end result is '<subDomain>.<ingressPrefix>.<clusterDomain>'.

func (*Shoot) GetNodeCount Uses

func (s *Shoot) GetNodeCount() int32

GetNodeCount returns the sum of all 'maximum' fields of all worker groups of the Shoot.

func (*Shoot) GetNodeNetwork Uses

func (s *Shoot) GetNodeNetwork() *string

GetNodeNetwork returns the nodes network CIDR for the Shoot cluster. If the infrastructure extension controller has generated a nodes network then this CIDR will take priority. Otherwise, the nodes network CIDR specified in the shoot will be returned (if possible). If no CIDR was specified then nil is returned.

func (*Shoot) GetPurpose Uses

func (s *Shoot) GetPurpose() gardencorev1beta1.ShootPurpose

GetPurpose returns the purpose of the shoot or 'evaluation' if it's nil.

func (*Shoot) GetReplicas Uses

func (s *Shoot) GetReplicas(wokenUp int) int

GetReplicas returns the given <wokenUp> number if the shoot is not hibernated, or zero otherwise.

func (*Shoot) GetWorkerNames Uses

func (s *Shoot) GetWorkerNames() []string

GetWorkerNames returns a list of names of the worker groups in the Shoot manifest.

func (*Shoot) IPVSEnabled Uses

func (s *Shoot) IPVSEnabled() bool

IPVSEnabled returns true if IPVS is enabled for the shoot.

func (*Shoot) KubernetesDashboardEnabled Uses

func (s *Shoot) KubernetesDashboardEnabled() bool

KubernetesDashboardEnabled returns true if the kubernetes-dashboard addon is enabled in the Shoot manifest.

func (*Shoot) NginxIngressEnabled Uses

func (s *Shoot) NginxIngressEnabled() bool

NginxIngressEnabled returns true if the nginx-ingress addon is enabled in the Shoot manifest.

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