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package pvc

import "github.com/giantswarm/kvm-operator/service/controller/resource/pvc"


Package Files

create.go current.go delete.go desired.go error.go etcd_pvc.go resource.go update.go


const (
    // Name is the identifier of the resource.
    Name = "pvc"
    // StorageClass is the storage class annotation persistent volume claims are
    // configured with.
    StorageClass = "g8s-storage"
const (
    // EtcdPVSize is the size the persistent volume for etcd is configured with.
    EtcdPVSize = "15Gi"

func IsInvalidConfig Uses

func IsInvalidConfig(err error) bool

IsInvalidConfig asserts invalidConfigError.

func IsWrongTypeError Uses

func IsWrongTypeError(err error) bool

IsWrongTypeError asserts wrongTypeError.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Dependencies.
    K8sClient kubernetes.Interface
    Logger    micrologger.Logger

Config represents the configuration used to create a new PVC resource.

func DefaultConfig Uses

func DefaultConfig() Config

DefaultConfig provides a default configuration to create a new PVC resource by best effort.

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Resource implements the PVC resource.

func New Uses

func New(config Config) (*Resource, error)

New creates a new configured PVC resource.

func (*Resource) ApplyCreateChange Uses

func (r *Resource) ApplyCreateChange(ctx context.Context, obj, createChange interface{}) error

func (*Resource) ApplyDeleteChange Uses

func (r *Resource) ApplyDeleteChange(ctx context.Context, obj, deleteChange interface{}) error

func (*Resource) ApplyUpdateChange Uses

func (r *Resource) ApplyUpdateChange(ctx context.Context, obj, updateChange interface{}) error

func (*Resource) GetCurrentState Uses

func (r *Resource) GetCurrentState(ctx context.Context, obj interface{}) (interface{}, error)

func (*Resource) GetDesiredState Uses

func (r *Resource) GetDesiredState(ctx context.Context, obj interface{}) (interface{}, error)

func (*Resource) Name Uses

func (r *Resource) Name() string

func (*Resource) NewDeletePatch Uses

func (r *Resource) NewDeletePatch(ctx context.Context, obj, currentState, desiredState interface{}) (*crud.Patch, error)

func (*Resource) NewUpdatePatch Uses

func (r *Resource) NewUpdatePatch(ctx context.Context, obj, currentState, desiredState interface{}) (*crud.Patch, error)

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