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package syslog

import "github.com/gliderlabs/logspout/adapters/syslog"


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func NewSyslogAdapter Uses

func NewSyslogAdapter(route *router.Route) (router.LogAdapter, error)

NewSyslogAdapter returnas a configured syslog.Adapter

type Adapter Uses

type Adapter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Adapter streams log output to a connection in the Syslog format

func (*Adapter) Stream Uses

func (a *Adapter) Stream(logstream chan *router.Message)

Stream sends log data to a connection

type Message Uses

type Message struct {

Message extends router.Message for the syslog standard

func (*Message) ContainerName Uses

func (m *Message) ContainerName() string

ContainerName returns the message's container name

func (*Message) Hostname Uses

func (m *Message) Hostname() string

Hostname returns the os hostname

func (*Message) Priority Uses

func (m *Message) Priority() syslog.Priority

Priority returns a syslog.Priority based on the message source

func (*Message) Render Uses

func (m *Message) Render(tmpl *template.Template) ([]byte, error)

Render transforms the log message using the Syslog template

func (*Message) Timestamp Uses

func (m *Message) Timestamp() string

Timestamp returns the message's syslog formatted timestamp

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