circuitbreakerPackage circuitbreaker implements the circuit breaker pattern.
endpointPackage endpoint defines an abstraction for RPCs.
examples/addsvc/pbPackage pb is a generated protocol buffer package.
examples/profilesvc/clientPackage client provides a profilesvc client based on a predefined Consul service name and relevant tags.
examples/shipping/bookingPackage booking provides the use-case of booking a cargo.
examples/shipping/cargoPackage cargo contains the heart of the domain model.
examples/shipping/handlingPackage handling provides the use-case for registering incidents.
examples/shipping/inmemPackage inmem provides in-memory implementations of all the domain repositories.
examples/shipping/inspectionPackage inspection provides means to inspect cargos.
examples/shipping/locationPackage location provides the Location aggregate.
examples/shipping/routingPackage routing provides the routing domain service.
examples/shipping/trackingPackage tracking provides the use-case of tracking a cargo.
examples/shipping/voyagePackage voyage provides the Voyage aggregate.
logPackage log provides a structured logger.
log/levelPackage level implements leveled logging on top of package log.
log/termPackage term provides tools for logging to a terminal.
metricsPackage metrics provides a framework for application instrumentation.
metrics/discardPackage discard provides a no-op metrics backend.
metrics/dogstatsdPackage dogstatsd provides a DogStatsD backend for package metrics.
metrics/expvarPackage expvar provides expvar backends for metrics.
metrics/genericPackage generic implements generic versions of each of the metric types.
metrics/graphitePackage graphite provides a Graphite backend for metrics.
metrics/influxPackage influx provides an InfluxDB implementation for metrics.
metrics/internal/ratemapPackage ratemap implements a goroutine-safe map of string to float64.
metrics/multiPackage multi provides adapters that send observations to multiple metrics simultaneously.
metrics/prometheusPackage prometheus provides Prometheus implementations for metrics.
metrics/providerPackage provider provides a factory-like abstraction for metrics backends.
metrics/statsdPackage statsd provides a StatsD backend for package metrics.
metrics/teststatPackage teststat provides helpers for testing metrics backends.
sdPackage sd provides utilities related to service discovery.
sd/consulPackage consul provides Instancer and Registrar implementations for Consul.
sd/dnssrvPackage dnssrv provides an Instancer implementation for DNS SRV records.
sd/etcdPackage etcd provides an Instancer and Registrar implementation for etcd.
sd/eurekaPackage eureka provides Instancer and Registrar implementations for Netflix OSS's Eureka
sd/lbPackage lb implements the client-side load balancer pattern.
sd/zkPackage zk provides Instancer and Registrar implementations for ZooKeeper.
tracingPackage tracing provides helpers and bindings for distributed tracing.
tracing/opentracingPackage opentracing provides Go kit integration to the OpenTracing project.
transportPackage transport contains bindings to concrete transports.
transport/grpcPackage grpc provides a gRPC binding for endpoints.
transport/grpc/_grpc_test/pbPackage pb is a generated protocol buffer package.
transport/httpPackage http provides a general purpose HTTP binding for endpoints.
transport/httprpPackage httprp provides an HTTP reverse-proxy transport.
util/connPackage conn provides utilities related to connections.

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