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package jsonreference

import "github.com/go-openapi/jsonreference"


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type Ref Uses

type Ref struct {
    HasFullURL      bool
    HasURLPathOnly  bool
    HasFragmentOnly bool
    HasFileScheme   bool
    HasFullFilePath bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Ref represents a json reference object

func MustCreateRef Uses

func MustCreateRef(ref string) Ref

MustCreateRef parses the ref string and panics when it's invalid. Use the New method for a version that returns an error

func New Uses

func New(jsonReferenceString string) (Ref, error)

New creates a new reference for the given string

func (*Ref) GetPointer Uses

func (r *Ref) GetPointer() *jsonpointer.Pointer

GetPointer gets the json pointer for this reference

func (*Ref) GetURL Uses

func (r *Ref) GetURL() *url.URL

GetURL gets the URL for this reference

func (*Ref) Inherits Uses

func (r *Ref) Inherits(child Ref) (*Ref, error)

Inherits creates a new reference from a parent and a child If the child cannot inherit from the parent, an error is returned

func (*Ref) IsCanonical Uses

func (r *Ref) IsCanonical() bool

IsCanonical returns true when this pointer starts with http(s):// or file://

func (*Ref) IsRoot Uses

func (r *Ref) IsRoot() bool

IsRoot returns true if this reference is a root document

func (*Ref) String Uses

func (r *Ref) String() string

String returns the best version of the url for this reference

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