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package plugcmds

import "github.com/gobuffalo/buffalo/plugins/plugcmds"


Package Files

available.go plug_map.go

type Available Uses

type Available struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Available used to manage all of the available commands for the plugin

func NewAvailable Uses

func NewAvailable() *Available

NewAvailable returns a fully formed Available type

func (*Available) Add Uses

func (a *Available) Add(bufCmd string, cmd *cobra.Command) error

Add a new command to this list of available ones. The bufCmd should corresponding buffalo command that command should live below.

Special "commands":

"root" - is the `buffalo` command
"events" - listens for emitted events

func (*Available) Cmd Uses

func (a *Available) Cmd() *cobra.Command

Cmd returns the "available" command

func (*Available) Commands Uses

func (a *Available) Commands() []*cobra.Command

Commands returns all of the commands that are available

func (*Available) Encode Uses

func (a *Available) Encode(w io.Writer) error

Encode into the required Buffalo plugins available format

func (*Available) Listen Uses

func (a *Available) Listen(fn func(e events.Event) error) error

Listen adds a command for github.com/gobuffalo/events. This will listen for ALL events. Use ListenFor to listen to a regex of events.

func (*Available) ListenFor Uses

func (a *Available) ListenFor(rx string, fn func(e events.Event) error) error

ListenFor adds a command for github.com/gobuffalo/events. This will only listen for events that match the regex provided.

func (*Available) Mount Uses

func (a *Available) Mount(cmd *cobra.Command)

Mount all of the commands that are available on to the other command. This is the recommended approach for using Available.


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