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package iterators

import ""


Package Files

between.go group_by.go iterator.go iterators.go range.go until.go


const (
    RangeKey   = "range"
    BetweenKey = "between"
    UntilKey   = "until"
    GroupByKey = "groupBy"

Keys to be used in templates for the functions in this package.

func New Uses

func New() hctx.Map

New returns a map of the helpers within this package.

type Iterator Uses

type Iterator interface {
    Next() interface{}

Iterator type can be implemented and used by the `for` command to build loops in templates

func Between Uses

func Between(a, b int) Iterator

Between will iterate up to, but not including `b`

Between(0,10) // 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

func GroupBy Uses

func GroupBy(size int, underlying interface{}) (Iterator, error)

GroupBy creates an iterator of groups or sub-slices of the underlying Array or Slice entered where each group is of length Len(underlying) / size. If Len(underlying) == size it will return an iterator with only a single group.

func Range Uses

func Range(a, b int) Iterator

Range creates an Iterator that will iterate numbers from a to b, including b.

func Until Uses

func Until(a int) Iterator

Until will iterate up to, but not including `a`

Until(3) // 0,1,2

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