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package text

import ""


Package Files

markdown.go text.go truncate.go


const (
    MarkdownKey = "markdown"
    TruncateKey = "truncate"

Keys to be used in templates for the functions in this package.

func Markdown Uses

func Markdown(body string, help hctx.HelperContext) (template.HTML, error)

Markdown converts the string into HTML using GitHub flavored markdown.

func New Uses

func New() hctx.Map

New returns a map of the helpers within this package.

func Truncate Uses

func Truncate(s string, opts hctx.Map) string

Truncate will try to return a string that is no longer than `size`, which defaults to 50. If given a `trail` option the returned string will have that appended at the end, while still trying to make sure that the returned string is no longer than `size` characters long. However, if `trail` is longer than or equal to `size`, `trail` will be returned completely as is. Defaults to a `trail` of `...`.

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