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package uuid

import "github.com/gobuffalo/uuid"

Package uuid provides implementation of Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). Supported versions are 1, 3, 4 and 5 (as specified in RFC 4122) and version 2 (as specified in DCE 1.1).


Package Files

codec.go generator.go sql.go uuid.go


const (
    V1  = guuid.V1
    V2  = guuid.V2
    V3  = guuid.V3
    V4  = guuid.V4
    V5  = guuid.V5

UUID versions

const (
    VariantNCS       = guuid.VariantNCS
    VariantRFC4122   = guuid.VariantRFC4122
    VariantMicrosoft = guuid.VariantMicrosoft
    VariantFuture    = guuid.VariantFuture

UUID layout variants.

const (
    DomainPerson = guuid.DomainPerson
    DomainGroup  = guuid.DomainGroup
    DomainOrg    = guuid.DomainOrg

UUID DCE domains.

const Size = guuid.Size

Size of a UUID in bytes.


var (
    NamespaceDNS  = guuid.NamespaceDNS
    NamespaceURL  = guuid.NamespaceURL
    NamespaceOID  = guuid.NamespaceOID
    NamespaceX500 = guuid.NamespaceX500

Predefined namespace UUIDs.

var FromBytes = guuid.FromBytes

FromBytes returns UUID converted from raw byte slice input. It will return error if the slice isn't 16 bytes long.

var FromBytesOrNil = guuid.FromBytesOrNil

FromBytesOrNil returns UUID converted from raw byte slice input. Same behavior as FromBytes, but returns a Nil UUID on error.

var FromString = guuid.FromString

FromString returns UUID parsed from string input. Input is expected in a form accepted by UnmarshalText.

var FromStringOrNil = guuid.FromStringOrNil

FromStringOrNil returns UUID parsed from string input. Same behavior as FromString, but returns a Nil UUID on error.

var NewV1 = guuid.NewV1

NewV1 returns UUID based on current timestamp and MAC address.

var NewV2 = guuid.NewV2

NewV2 returns DCE Security UUID based on POSIX UID/GID.

var NewV3 = guuid.NewV3

NewV3 returns UUID based on MD5 hash of namespace UUID and name.

var NewV4 = guuid.NewV4

NewV4 returns random generated UUID.

var NewV5 = guuid.NewV5

NewV5 returns UUID based on SHA-1 hash of namespace UUID and name.

var Nil = guuid.Nil

Nil is special form of UUID that is specified to have all 128 bits set to zero.

type Generator Uses

type Generator = guuid.Generator

Generator provides interface for generating UUIDs.

type NullUUID Uses

type NullUUID = guuid.NullUUID

NullUUID can be used with the standard sql package to represent a UUID value that can be NULL in the database

type UUID Uses

type UUID = guuid.UUID

UUID representation compliant with specification described in RFC 4122.

func Must Uses

func Must(u UUID, err error) UUID

Must is a helper that wraps a call to a function returning (UUID, error) and panics if the error is non-nil. It is intended for use in variable initializations such as

var packageUUID = uuid.Must(uuid.FromString("123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000"));

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