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package gf

import ""


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const AUTHORS = "john<>"
const VERSION = "v1.15.1"


container/garrayPackage garray provides most commonly used array containers which also support concurrent-safe/unsafe switch feature.
container/glistPackage glist provides most commonly used doubly linked list container which also supports concurrent-safe/unsafe switch feature.
container/gmapPackage gmap provides most commonly used map container which also support concurrent-safe/unsafe switch feature.
container/gpoolPackage gpool provides object-reusable concurrent-safe pool.
container/gqueuePackage gqueue provides dynamic/static concurrent-safe queue.
container/gringPackage gring provides a concurrent-safe/unsafe ring(circular lists).
container/gsetPackage gset provides kinds of concurrent-safe/unsafe sets.
container/gtreePackage gtree provides concurrent-safe/unsafe tree containers.
container/gtypePackage gtype provides kinds of high performance and concurrent-safe basic variable types.
container/gvarPackage gvar provides an universal variable type, like generics.
crypto/gaesPackage gaes provides useful API for AES encryption/decryption algorithms.
crypto/gcrc32Package gcrc32 provides useful API for CRC32 encryption algorithms.
crypto/gdesPackage gdes provides useful API for DES encryption/decryption algorithms.
crypto/gmd5Package gmd5 provides useful API for MD5 encryption algorithms.
crypto/gsha1Package gsha1 provides useful API for SHA1 encryption algorithms.
database/gdbPackage gdb provides ORM features for popular relationship databases.
database/gredisPackage gredis provides convenient client for redis server.
debug/gdebugPackage gdebug contains facilities for programs to debug themselves while they are running.
encoding/gbase64Package gbase64 provides useful API for BASE64 encoding/decoding algorithm.
encoding/gbinaryPackage gbinary provides useful API for handling binary/bytes data.
encoding/gcharsetPackage charset implements character-set conversion functionality.
encoding/gcompressPackage gcompress provides kinds of compression algorithms for binary/bytes data.
encoding/ghashPackage ghash provides some classic hash functions(uint32/uint64) in go.
encoding/ghtmlPackage ghtml provides useful API for HTML content handling.
encoding/giniPackage gini provides accessing and converting for INI content.
encoding/gjsonPackage gjson provides convenient API for JSON/XML/INI/YAML/TOML data handling.
encoding/gparserPackage gparser provides convenient API for accessing/converting variable and JSON/XML/YAML/TOML.
encoding/gtomlPackage gtoml provides accessing and converting for TOML content.
encoding/gurlPackage gurl provides useful API for URL handling.
encoding/gxmlPackage gxml provides accessing and converting for XML content.
encoding/gyamlPackage gyaml provides accessing and converting for YAML content.
errors/gerrorPackage errors provides simple functions to manipulate errors.
frame/ginsPackage gins provides instances and core components management.
frame/gmvcPackage gmvc provides basic object classes for MVC.
i18n/gi18nPackage gi18n implements internationalization and localization.
internal/emptyPackage empty provides functions for checking empty variables.
internal/fileinfoPackage fileinfo provides virtual os.FileInfo for given information.
internal/intlogPackage intlog provides internal logging for GoFrame development usage only.
internal/jsonPackage json provides json operations wrapping ignoring stdlib or third-party lib json.
internal/mutexPackage mutex provides switch of concurrent safe feature for sync.Mutex.
internal/rwmutexPackage rwmutex provides switch of concurrent safety feature for sync.RWMutex.
internal/structsPackage structs provides functions for struct conversion.
internal/utilsPackage utils provides some utility functions for internal usage.
net/ghttpPackage ghttp provides powerful http server and simple client implements.
net/gipv4Package gipv4 provides useful API for IPv4 address handling.
net/gipv6Package gipv4 provides useful API for IPv6 address handling.
net/gsmtpPackage gsmtp provides a simple SMTP client to access remote mail server.
net/gtcpPackage gtcp provides TCP server and client implementations.
net/gudpPackage gtcp provides UDP server and client implementations.
os/gbuildPackage gbuild manages the build-in variables from "gf build".
os/gcachePackage gcache provides kinds of cache management for process.
os/gcfgPackage gcfg provides reading, caching and managing for configuration.
os/gcmdPackage gcmd provides console operations, like options/arguments reading and command running.
os/gcronPackage gcron implements a cron pattern parser and job runner.
os/genvPackage genv provides operations for environment variables of system.
os/gfilePackage gfile provides easy-to-use operations for file system.
os/gfpoolPackage gfpool provides io-reusable pool for file pointer.
os/gfsnotifyPackage gfsnotify provides a platform-independent interface for file system notifications.
os/glogPackage glog implements powerful and easy-to-use levelled logging functionality.
os/gmlockPackage gmlock implements a concurrent-safe memory-based locker.
os/gmutexPackage gmutex implements graceful concurrent-safe mutex with more rich features.
os/gprocPackage gproc implements management and communication for processes.
os/gresPackage gres provides resource management and packing/unpacking feature between files and bytes.
os/grpoolPackage grpool implements a goroutine reusable pool.
os/gsessionPackage gsession implements manager and storage features for sessions.
os/gspathPackage gspath implements file index and search for folders.
os/gtimePackage gtime provides functionality for measuring and displaying time.
os/gtimerPackage gtimer implements Hierarchical Timing Wheel for interval/delayed jobs running and management.
os/gviewPackage gview implements a template engine based on text/template.
test/gtestPackage gtest provides convenient test utilities for unit testing.
text/gregexPackage gregex provides high performance API for regular expression functionality.
text/gstrPackage gstr provides functions for string handling.
util/gconvPackage gconv implements powerful and convenient converting functionality for any types of variables.
util/gmodePackage gmode provides release mode management for project.
util/gpagePackage gpage provides useful paging functionality for web pages.
util/grandPackage grand provides high performance random bytes/number/string generation functionality.
util/guidPackage guid provides simple and high performance unique id generation functionality.
util/gutilPackage gutil provides utility functions.
util/gvalidPackage gvalid implements powerful and useful data/form validation functionality.

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