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package gf

import ""


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const AUTHORS = "john<>"
const VERSION = "v1.7.0"


g/container/garrayPackage garray provides concurrent-safe/unsafe arrays.
g/container/gchanPackage gchan provides graceful channel for no panic operations.
g/container/glistPackage glist provides a concurrent-safe/unsafe doubly linked list.
g/container/gmapPackage gmap provides concurrent-safe/unsafe map containers.
g/container/gpoolPackage gpool provides object-reusable concurrent-safe pool.
g/container/gqueuePackage gqueue provides a dynamic/static concurrent-safe queue.
g/container/gringPackage gring provides a concurrent-safe/unsafe ring(circular lists).
g/container/gsetPackage gset provides kinds of concurrent-safe/unsafe sets.
g/container/gtreePackage gtree provides concurrent-safe/unsafe tree containers.
g/container/gtypePackage gtype provides kinds of high performance and concurrent-safe basic variable types.
g/container/gvarPackage gvar provides an universal variable type, like generics.
g/crypto/gaesPackage gaes provides useful API for AES encryption/decryption algorithms.
g/crypto/gcrc32Package gcrc32 provides useful API for CRC32 encryption algorithms.
g/crypto/gdesPackage gdes provides useful API for DES encryption/decryption algorithms.
g/crypto/gmd5Package gmd5 provides useful API for MD5 encryption algorithms.
g/crypto/gsha1Package gsha1 provides useful API for SHA1 encryption algorithms.
g/database/gdbPackage gdb provides ORM features for popular relationship databases.
g/database/gredisPackage gredis provides convenient client for redis server.
g/encoding/gbase64Package gbase64 provides useful API for BASE64 encoding/decoding algorithms.
g/encoding/gbinaryPackage gbinary provides useful API for handling binary/bytes data.
g/encoding/gcharsetPackage charset implements character-set conversion functionality.
g/encoding/gcompressPackage gcompress provides kinds of compression algorithms for binary/bytes data.
g/encoding/ghashPackage ghash provides some popular hash functions(uint32/uint64) in go.
g/encoding/ghtmlPackage ghtml provides useful API for HTML content handling.
g/encoding/gjsonPackage gjson provides convenient API for JSON/XML/YAML/TOML data handling.
g/encoding/gparserPackage gparser provides convenient API for accessing/converting variable and JSON/XML/YAML/TOML.
g/encoding/gtomlPackage gtoml provides accessing and converting for TOML content.
g/encoding/gurlPackage gurl provides useful API for URL handling.
g/encoding/gxmlPackage gxml provides accessing and converting for XML content.
g/encoding/gyamlPackage gyaml provides accessing and converting for YAML content.
g/encoding/internalPackage internal provides converting string to requested character encoding.
g/frame/ginsPackage gins provides instances management and core components management.
g/frame/gmvcPackage gmvc provides basic object classes for MVC.
g/internal/cmdenvPackage cmdenv provides access to certain variable for both command options and environment.
g/internal/emptyPackage empty provides checks for empty variables.
g/internal/errorsPackage errors provides simple functions to manipulate errors.
g/internal/mutexPackage mutex provides switch for sync.Mutex for concurrent safe feature.
g/internal/rwmutexPackage rwmutex provides switch of concurrent safe feature for sync.RWMutex.
g/net/ghttpPackage ghttp provides powerful http server and simple client implements.
g/net/gipv4Package gipv4 provides useful API for IPv4 address handling.
g/net/gipv6Package gipv4 provides useful API for IPv6 address handling.
g/net/gsmtpPackage gsmtp provides a SMTP client to access remote mail server.
g/net/gtcpPackage gtcp provides TCP server and client implementations.
g/net/gudpPackage gtcp provides UDP server and client implementations.
g/os/gcachePackage gcache provides high performance and concurrent-safe in-memory cache for process.
g/os/gcfgPackage gcfg provides reading, caching and managing for configuration.
g/os/gcmdPackage gcmd provides console operations, like options/values reading and command running.
g/os/gcronPackage gcron implements a cron pattern parser and job runner.
g/os/genvPackage genv provides operations for environment variables of system.
g/os/gfcachePackage gfcache provides reading and caching for file contents.
g/os/gfilePackage gfile provides easy-to-use operations for file system.
g/os/gflockPackage gflock implements a concurrent-safe sync.Locker interface for file locking.
g/os/gfpoolPackage gfpool provides io-reusable pool for file pointer.
g/os/gfsnotifyPackage gfsnotify provides a platform-independent interface for file system notifications.
g/os/glogPackage glog implements powerful and easy-to-use levelled logging functionality.
g/os/gmlockPackage gmlock implements a concurrent-safe memory-based locker.
g/os/gmutexPackage gmutex implements graceful concurrent-safe mutex with more rich features.
g/os/gprocPackage gproc implements communication and management of processes.
g/os/grpoolPackage grpool implements a goroutine reusable pool.
g/os/gspathPackage gspath implements file index and search for folders.
g/os/gtimePackage gtime provides functionality for measuring and displaying time.
g/os/gtimerPackage gtimer implements Hierarchical Timing Wheel for interval/delayed jobs running and management.
g/os/gviewPackage gview implements a template engine based on text/template.
g/test/gtestPackage gtest provides convenient test utilities for unit testing.
g/text/gregexPackage gregex provides high performance API for regular expression functionality.
g/text/gstrPackage gstr provides functions for string handling.
g/util/gconvPackage gconv implements powerful and easy-to-use converting functionality for any types of variables.
g/util/gpagePackage gpage provides useful paging functionality for web pages.
g/util/grandPackage grand provides high performance random string generation functionality.
g/util/gutilPackage gutil provides utility functions.
g/util/gvalidPackage gvalid implements powerful and useful data/form validation functionality.
third/ toml provides facilities for decoding and encoding TOML configuration files via reflection.
third/ XML to/from JSON and map[string]interface{} values, and extract/modify values from maps by key or key-path, including wildcards.
third/ - For (mostly) backwards compatibility with legacy j2x package.
third/ - For (mostly) backwards compatibility with legacy x2j package.
third/ dynamic / arbitrary XML docs and extract values (using wildcards, if necessary).
third/ structs contains various utilities functions to work with structs.
third/ fsnotify provides a platform-independent interface for file system notifications.
third/ mysql provides a MySQL driver for Go's database/sql package.
third/ redistest contains utilities for writing Redigo tests.
third/ redis is a client for the Redis database.
third/ redisx contains experimental features for Redigo.
third/ websocket implements the WebSocket protocol defined in RFC 6455.
third/ & Generate text based table
third/ stathat package makes it easy to post any values to your StatHat account.
third/ flock implements a thread-safe sync.Locker interface for file locking.
third/ encoding defines an interface for character encodings, such as Shift JIS and Windows 1252, that can convert to and from UTF-8.
third/ charmap provides simple character encodings such as IBM Code Page 437 and Windows 1252.
third/ htmlindex maps character set encoding names to Encodings as recommended by the W3C for use in HTML 5.
third/ ianaindex maps names to Encodings as specified by the IANA registry.
third/ internal contains code that is shared among encoding implementations.
third/ identifier defines the contract between implementations of Encoding and Index by defining identifiers that uniquely identify standardized coded character sets (CCS) and character encoding schemes (CES), which we will together refer to as encodings, for which Encoding implementations provide converters to and from UTF-8.
third/ japanese provides Japanese encodings such as EUC-JP and Shift JIS.
third/ korean provides Korean encodings such as EUC-KR.
third/ simplifiedchinese provides Simplified Chinese encodings such as GBK.
third/ traditionalchinese provides Traditional Chinese encodings such as Big5.
third/ unicode provides Unicode encodings such as UTF-16.
third/ utf32 provides the UTF-32 Unicode encoding.
third/ internal contains non-exported functionality that are used by packages in the text repository.
third/ catmsg contains support types for package x/text/message/catalog.
third/ cldrtree builds and generates a CLDR index file, including all inheritance.
third/ colltab contains functionality related to collation tables.
third/ format contains types for defining language-specific formatting of values.
third/ gen contains common code for the various code generation tools in the text repository.
third/ number contains tools and data for formatting numbers.
third/ stringset provides a way to represent a collection of strings compactly.
third/ tag contains functionality handling tags and related data.
third/ testtext contains test data that is of common use to the text repository.
third/ triegen implements a code generator for a trie for associating unsigned integer values with UTF-8 encoded runes.
third/ ucd provides a parser for Unicode Character Database files, the format of which is defined in
third/ utf8internal contains low-level utf8-related constants, tables, etc.
third/ runes provide transforms for UTF-8 encoded text.
third/ transform provides reader and writer wrappers that transform the bytes passing through as well as various transformations.
third/ holds packages with implementations of Unicode standards that are mostly used as building blocks for other packages in, layout engines, or are otherwise more low-level in nature.
third/ bidi contains functionality for bidirectional text support.
third/ cldr provides a parser for LDML and related XML formats.
third/ norm contains types and functions for normalizing Unicode strings.
third/ rangetable provides utilities for creating and inspecting unicode.RangeTables.
third/ runenames provides rune names from the Unicode Character Database.
third/ yaml implements YAML support for the Go language.

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