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package blackfriday_config

import ""


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var Default = Config{
    Smartypants:           true,
    AngledQuotes:          false,
    SmartypantsQuotesNBSP: false,
    Fractions:             true,
    HrefTargetBlank:       false,
    NofollowLinks:         false,
    NoreferrerLinks:       false,
    SmartDashes:           true,
    LatexDashes:           true,
    PlainIDAnchors:        true,
    TaskLists:             true,
    SkipHTML:              false,

Default holds the default BlackFriday config. Do not change!

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Smartypants           bool
    SmartypantsQuotesNBSP bool
    AngledQuotes          bool
    Fractions             bool
    HrefTargetBlank       bool
    NofollowLinks         bool
    NoreferrerLinks       bool
    SmartDashes           bool
    LatexDashes           bool
    TaskLists             bool
    PlainIDAnchors        bool
    Extensions            []string
    ExtensionsMask        []string
    SkipHTML              bool

    FootnoteAnchorPrefix       string
    FootnoteReturnLinkContents string

Config holds configuration values for BlackFriday rendering. It is kept here because it's used in several packages.

func UpdateConfig Uses

func UpdateConfig(b Config, m map[string]interface{}) (Config, error)

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