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package media

import ""


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var (
    CalendarType   = Type{"text", "calendar", "ics", defaultDelimiter}
    CSSType        = Type{"text", "css", "css", defaultDelimiter}
    CSVType        = Type{"text", "csv", "csv", defaultDelimiter}
    HTMLType       = Type{"text", "html", "html", defaultDelimiter}
    JavascriptType = Type{"application", "javascript", "js", defaultDelimiter}
    JSONType       = Type{"application", "json", "json", defaultDelimiter}
    RSSType        = Type{"application", "rss", "xml", defaultDelimiter}
    XMLType        = Type{"application", "xml", "xml", defaultDelimiter}
    TextType       = Type{"text", "plain", "txt", defaultDelimiter}
var DefaultTypes = Types{

type Type Uses

type Type struct {
    MainType  string `json:"mainType"`  // i.e. text
    SubType   string `json:"subType"`   // i.e. html
    Suffix    string `json:"suffix"`    // i.e html
    Delimiter string `json:"delimiter"` // defaults to "."

Type (also known as MIME type and content type) is a two-part identifier for file formats and format contents transmitted on the Internet. For Hugo's use case, we use the top-level type name / subtype name + suffix. One example would be image/jpeg+jpg If suffix is not provided, the sub type will be used. See //

func FromString Uses

func FromString(t string) (Type, error)

FromString creates a new Type given a type sring on the form MainType/SubType and an optional suffix, e.g. "text/html" or "text/html+html".

func (Type) FullSuffix Uses

func (m Type) FullSuffix() string

FullSuffix returns the file suffix with any delimiter prepended.

func (Type) MarshalJSON Uses

func (m Type) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (Type) String Uses

func (m Type) String() string

func (Type) Type Uses

func (m Type) Type() string

Type returns a string representing the main- and sub-type of a media type, i.e. "text/css". Hugo will register a set of default media types. These can be overridden by the user in the configuration, by defining a media type with the same Type.

type Types Uses

type Types []Type

func DecodeTypes Uses

func DecodeTypes(maps[string]interface{}) (Types, error)

DecodeTypes takes a list of media type configurations and merges those, in the order given, with the Hugo defaults as the last resort.

func (Types) GetBySuffix Uses

func (t Types) GetBySuffix(suffix string) (tp Type, found bool)

GetBySuffix gets a media type given as suffix, e.g. "html". It will return false if no format could be found, or if the suffix given is ambiguous. The lookup is case insensitive.

func (Types) GetByType Uses

func (t Types) GetByType(tp string) (Type, bool)

func (Types) Len Uses

func (t Types) Len() int

func (Types) Less Uses

func (t Types) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Types) Swap Uses

func (t Types) Swap(i, j int)

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