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package build

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/builder/build"


Package Files

build.go code_build.go dockerfile_build.go netcore_build.go

func CreateImageName Uses

func CreateImageName(repoURL, serviceAlias, deployversion string) string

CreateImageName create image name

func GetARGs Uses

func GetARGs(buildEnvs map[string]string) map[string]*string

GetARGs get args and parse value

type Build Uses

type Build interface {
    Build(*Request) (*Response, error)

Build app build pack

func GetBuild Uses

func GetBuild(lang code.Lang) (Build, error)

GetBuild GetBuild

type Commit Uses

type Commit struct {
    User    string
    Message string
    Hash    string

Commit Commit

type CreaterBuild Uses

type CreaterBuild func() (Build, error)

CreaterBuild CreaterBuild

type ErrorBuild Uses

type ErrorBuild struct {
    Code int

ErrorBuild build error

func (*ErrorBuild) Error Uses

func (e *ErrorBuild) Error() string

type MediumType Uses

type MediumType string

MediumType Build output medium type

var ImageMediumType MediumType = "image"

ImageMediumType image type

var SlugMediumType MediumType = "slug"

SlugMediumType slug type

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    TenantID      string
    SourceDir     string
    CacheDir      string
    TGZDir        string
    RepositoryURL string
    Branch        string
    ServiceAlias  string
    ServiceID     string
    DeployVersion string
    Runtime       string
    ServerType    string
    Commit        Commit
    Lang          code.Lang
    BuildEnvs     map[string]string
    Logger        event.Logger
    DockerClient  *client.Client

Request build input

type Response Uses

type Response struct {
    MediumPath string
    MediumType MediumType

Response build result

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