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package web

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/eventlog/exit/web"


Package Files

getter.go manager.go pusher.go

type Chan Uses

type Chan struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Chan handle

type PubContext Uses

type PubContext struct {
    ID string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PubContext websocket context

func NewPubContext Uses

func NewPubContext(upgrader websocket.Upgrader,
    httpWriter http.ResponseWriter,
    httpRequest *http.Request,
    s *SocketServer,
) *PubContext

NewPubContext create context

func (*PubContext) Close Uses

func (p *PubContext) Close()

Close close the context

func (*PubContext) SendMessage Uses

func (p *PubContext) SendMessage(message WebsocketMessage) error

SendMessage send websocket message

func (*PubContext) SendWebsocketMessage Uses

func (p *PubContext) SendWebsocketMessage(message int) error

SendWebsocketMessage send websocket message

func (*PubContext) Start Uses

func (p *PubContext) Start()

Start start context

func (*PubContext) Stop Uses

func (p *PubContext) Stop()

Stop close context

type ResponseBody Uses

type ResponseBody struct {
    Bean     interface{}   `json:"bean,omitempty"`
    List     []interface{} `json:"list,omitempty"`
    PageNum  int           `json:"pageNumber,omitempty"`
    PageSize int           `json:"pageSize,omitempty"`
    Total    int           `json:"total,omitempty"`

ResponseBody 返回主体

type ResponseType Uses

type ResponseType struct {
    Code      int          `json:"code"`
    Message   string       `json:"msg"`
    MessageCN string       `json:"msgcn"`
    Body      ResponseBody `json:"body,omitempty"`

ResponseType 返回内容

func NewResponseType Uses

func NewResponseType(code int, message string, messageCN string, bean interface{}, list []interface{}) ResponseType

NewResponseType 构建返回结构

func NewSuccessResponse Uses

func NewSuccessResponse(bean interface{}, list []interface{}) ResponseType

NewSuccessResponse 创建成功返回结构

type SocketServer Uses

type SocketServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SocketServer socket 服务

func NewSocket Uses

func NewSocket(conf conf.WebSocketConf, discoverConf conf.DiscoverConf, etcdClient *clientv3.Client, log *logrus.Entry, storeManager store.Manager, c cluster.Cluster, healthInfo map[string]string) *SocketServer

NewSocket 创建zmq sub客户端

func (*SocketServer) ListenError Uses

func (s *SocketServer) ListenError() chan error

ListenError 返回错误通道

func (*SocketServer) Run Uses

func (s *SocketServer) Run() error

Run 执行

func (*SocketServer) Stop Uses

func (s *SocketServer) Stop()

Stop 停止

type WebsocketMessage Uses

type WebsocketMessage struct {
    Event   string      `json:"event"`
    Data    interface{} `json:"data"`
    Channel string      `json:"channel,omitempty"`

WebsocketMessage websocket message

func (*WebsocketMessage) Encode Uses

func (w *WebsocketMessage) Encode() []byte

Encode return json encode data

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