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package parser

import "github.com/goodrain/rainbond/gateway/annotations/parser"


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var (
    // AnnotationsPrefix defines the common prefix used in the nginx ingress controller
    AnnotationsPrefix = "nginx.ingress.kubernetes.io"

func GetAnnotationWithPrefix Uses

func GetAnnotationWithPrefix(suffix string) string

GetAnnotationWithPrefix returns the prefix of ingress annotations

func GetBoolAnnotation Uses

func GetBoolAnnotation(name string, ing *extensions.Ingress) (bool, error)

GetBoolAnnotation extracts a boolean from an Ingress annotation

func GetIntAnnotation Uses

func GetIntAnnotation(name string, ing *extensions.Ingress) (int, error)

GetIntAnnotation extracts an int from an Ingress annotation

func GetStringAnnotation Uses

func GetStringAnnotation(name string, ing *extensions.Ingress) (string, error)

GetStringAnnotation extracts a string from an Ingress annotation

func GetStringAnnotationWithPrefix Uses

func GetStringAnnotationWithPrefix(prefix string, ing *extensions.Ingress) (map[string]string, error)

GetStringAnnotationWithPrefix extracts an string from an Ingress annotation based on the annotation prefix

type IngressAnnotation Uses

type IngressAnnotation interface {
    Parse(ing *extensions.Ingress) (interface{}, error)

IngressAnnotation has a method to parse annotations located in Ingress

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